List of products by brand TALA TOOLS

Multi piece insert bit set
• Finished with a tin coating and made from S2 steel
• Each set contains:
- Parallel: 4.5mm
- Pozi insert bits: Pz1, 3x Pz2, Pz3
- Phillip insert bits: Ph1, Ph2
- Robertson: S1
• This set comes with 1/4 inch magnetic bit holder, ideal for quick bit swaps
Multi piece drill bit and accessories set
This 177 piece combination set consists of:
- 16x titanium drill bits
- 5x masonry drill bits
- 5x wood drill bits
- 3x spade bits
- 5x nut drivers
- 1x 1/4 magnetic bit holder
- 1x centre punch
- 1x counter sinking bit
- 14x 25mm screwdriver bits in a range of sizes
- 6x 50mm screwdriver bits in a range of sizes
- 40x wood screws in a range of sizes
- 80x wall plugs in a range of sizes
Multi piece drill bit set
This set consists of:
- 6x titanium drill bits
- 5x masonry drill bits
- 4x wood drill bits
- 1x 1/4 magnetic bit holder
- 6x 25mm screwdriver bits in range of pozi, philips and parallel ends
- 60x wood screws in a range of lengths and thicknesses
- 168x wall plugs in a range of lengths and thicknesses
Multi piece pz2 set
• Finished in tin coating for longer life
• Made from s2 steel
• 25mm bit length
• 3 bits per pack
• Display packaged
• Pz2 bit
Quality claw hammer
• Professional quality claw hammer
• Weight: 16 oz
• Hardened claws ideal for removal of various size nails
Tala combination pliers
Combination pliers
• Professional quality combination pliers
• Soft grip handle for control and comfort.
• Drop forged for toughness
• Available size: 200mm(8in)
Allen key set
• Quality allen key set made out of vanadium steel
• Available with tool holder for convenience and organisation
• Contents of package:
- Tool holder
- Range of sizes in set including 1.5mm, 2, 3, 6, 8, 10mm
Tala multipiece screwdriver...
Tala screwdriver set
• Soft grip handle for comfort
• Comes equipped magnetic tips for ease of use
• Symbols on head of screwdriver to signify head type and style
• Display storage can be mounted to a wall
• Contents of package
- 4x pozi screwdrivers: PZ2x150mm, PZ2x100mm, PZ1x75mm, PZ0x75mm
- 5x flare screwdrivers: 8x150mm, 6x150mm, 6x100mm, 4x75mm, 3x75mm
Multi piece insert bit set
• Finished in a tin coating and made from S2 steel
• Comes in robust carry case with beltclip
• Set contains:
- Parallel bits: 3mm, 4.5mm, 5.5mm
- Pozi bits: Pz1, 5x Pz2, 2x Pz3
- Phillips bits: 2x Ph1, 3x Ph2, 2x Ph3
- Torx bits: T10, T15, T20, T25, T27, T30
- Hex bits: 3, 4, 5, 6mm
- Robertson bits: S1, S2
• Set comes with 1/4 inch bit holder with quick release
Tala retractable slab knife
Classic slab knife
• 5 blade positions allows wider usage for variety of cutting applications
• Interlock nose firmly secures blade into knife
• Precision die cast zinc body both strong and lightweight
• Blades stored inside the handle
• Ideal for carpet, vinyl and any other material requiring a stiffer and stronger blade
Tala soft grip wrench
10 inch locking plier
• Professional quality pliers with locking capabilities.
• Ergonomic grips on handle for comfort and ease of use.
• Hardened, tempered forged steel jaws
• Jaws come with cerrated finish for better grip.
• Powerful locking and quick release functions
• Available size: 250mm(10in)
Utiity blades
• These utility knife blades are stored in a safety dispenser
• Ideal for cutting up plaster boards, slab boards, and trimming carpets to size.
• 10 slab blade per pack
Tala utility knife and blades
Fold away knife
• Lightweight aluminium handle with belt clip
• Blades can be changed quickly
• Knife can be unfolded with one hand
• 5x spare blades
Wooden handled hammer
• Handle made out of ash
• Laquered finish
• Weight: 16oz