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Traditional timber dowels online in six sizes
• Fluted for maximum glue adhesion
• Usage: used by furniture manufacturers, woodworkers and hobbyists where a strong glue joint is required
• Available sizes: 5mm x 25mm to 10mm x 50mm
• Prices per box (see amount per box in item description below)

Unthreaded solid round dowel
• Round wooden rods
• Unfinished
• Length: 180cm
• Available diameters: 6mm to 19mm
Ideal for jointing composite boards
• Trend biscuits are made of die cut beech wood
• Beech wood biscuits which expand when in contact with a woodworking adhesive such as PVA glue
• They are ideal for strong, fast, and accurate jointing of hard and soft woods, plywood and composition board
• Compared to doweling, biscuit jointing is faster and more precise

Find dowel rods, dowel screws, biscuits and cross dowels all in one place. We offer these in different thickness, length and material options. They will greatly suit woodworking applications are always great to have. We also stock timber wooden dowels.