Polished copper solid brass butt hinges

Polished copper solid brass butt hinges

• High quality cabinet butt hinges
• Sold in pairs
• Perfect for in-frame kitchens and cabinets especially within a shaker design
• Knuckle visible when closed
• Just like with handles and knobs, they elegantly contrast to the finish of door
• Finish: Polished copper (rose gold)
• Size: 50 x 28mm (2 inch) and 63 x 34mm (2.5 inch)
• Material: Solid brass
This copper hinge can make up part of a stunning copper fittings kit.
• Solid and built to last
• Hole fixing: 3.5 screws
• Brand: Fingertip Design
• Back in stock on 31st January 2023
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Uniquely matching rose gold cup handle and knobs available



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