Pyramis Royal mini round sink

Nationwide UK Delivery
Mini sink designed to fit small spaces
• Mini round sink for:
   - Kids schools and crèches
   - Restaurant toilets/kitchen washrooms
   - Water stations in offices and hospitals
   - Utility rooms
• Dimensions:
   - Steel gauge depth: 0.8mm
   - Steel grade: 18610
   - Diameter: 355mm 
   - Bowl: Φ360x150mm
   - Height: 170mm
   - Minimum cabinet width: 400mm
• Finish: Stainless steel
• 25 year Pyramis manufacturer warranty
Optional: Flip up waste

VIEW SINK INSTALLATION Pyramis_installation_videos.webp


Mini sink designed to fit small spaces. This Pyramis Royal mini sink isn't just compact, but also adaptable. It can be adapted to fit into more environments than just the kitchen. A popular choice for playschools and creches, restaurant toilets, dentists and doctors clinics, and can even be used in garages and utility rooms. Being a small and compact bowl, it can be put in a single 450mm base unit.