Installing Pyramis Kitchen Sinks

When it comes to manufacturing and delivering great value world class kitchen sinks, Pyramis are second to none. Big claim but they can back it up

  • 25 year warranty
  • Simple Installation
  • 18610 grade stainless steel

This makes them quite popular in the United Kingdom. As part of their fantastic service, they have provided simple installation guidance for the types of Pyramis sinks we stock at

Inset Sinks


Inset sinks are sinks that are installed by being sit on top of the worktop with typically a 5mm lip rising up from the surface. There is an external frame from the bowl and drainer that makes this installation possible. Silicone along the lip is used to keep the frame intact. Most commonly inset sinks are square framed and come with a draining board.

Undermount Sinks

Kitchen _undermount _sinks

Undermount sinks are sinks installed under the surface of a worktop with a cut out made to the size of the bowl. It is not common for an undermount sink to come with a draining board but rather the idea is that water can be wiped towards the sink. The kitchen tap is installed separately unlike an inset sink and in the case of granite worktops, has a radial cut out to suit the shape of the sink. They are known as a modern kitchen design and are starting to appear more often.

Flushmount Sinks


A flush mount sink is a sink that can be installed with the lip of the sink flush-mounted into the bench-top. This achieves a seamless flow between your bench-top and your sink – with no break or bumps in the design. Given the minimalist design of a flush mounted sink, the skill level and precision of you fitter will be paramount in the installation of a flushmount sink, so as always, be sure to employ a skilled and certified trades-person.

Hope this article helps you in your search :-)

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