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DTC soft close top stay
Superb value high performing soft close lift up stay
• State of the art lift up stay for cabinet doors from DTC
• Soft close opening and closing
• Extremely durable and will perform smoothly under heavy loads
• Template marked out for screws within base of stay
• Very easy to fit with clear instructions
• Use screwdriver to adjust load tolerance
• Superb price for quality of fitting
• Sold in pairs
• 2 x clip on hinges with plates to connect to door
• Brand: DTC
• Finish: anthracite grey to match all our Dragon Pro Drawers

Silver finish
• Once you begin to open the door it continues to open gently and completely by itself
• Available in 60 and 100N levels of strength for different door weights

Suitable for lift up doors in kitchen wall units
• Material: steel
• Finish: white powder coated
• For lift up doors in kitchen wall units
• Opening angle 90 degrees
• Sold in pairs

Lift up stay for cupboard doors
• Lift up stay for cupboard doors
• Heavy and durable frame

Highly reliable lift up stay for 600mm cabinet
• A simple but effective lift system for standard carcasses
• Patented ClickFixx technology
• Width of lift system: 565mm
• Easily assembled and adjustable for various door weights
• Features soft silent action with soft close
• Ideal for concealing a microwave
• Toolless door adjustment
• Sold in kit form, all the parts are in one box
See lift up dimensions

Child proof anti slam hinge for standard Ikea tall boy units
• Anti slam soft closing hinge
• For blanket box section of tall boys and vanity units
• Can be retrofited to any standard unit e.g. Ikea units
• Easy to fit and replace old stay
• Child friendly
• Instant soft closing effect
Suitable for overhead kitchen cabinets
• Used to create a bi folding door
• The doors open and close smoothly and silently
• For wall mounted cabinets
• Minimal opening force
• Minimum lifespan of 30,000 openings
• Easy to install
• Anti catch system
• Includes two lifts and two hinges for both sides of cabinet door
• Max door weight: 5kg


At, you will find an array of cupboard stays ideal for kitchen cabinets, microwave doors or other overheard units. They are typically used for lift-up, upward opening cabinets. Highly reliable and available at best value.