Pyramis round bowl sink

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Round bowl kitchen sinks to fit flush on kitchen worktop

• Round kitchen sink
• Dimensions:
   - Steel gauge depth: 0.8mm
   - Steel grade: 18610
   - Outer: 450mm
   - Bowl: 385 x 150mm
   - Minimum cabinet width: 450mm
• Finish: Stainless steel
• Waste kit included
• Stand alone design to suit modern minimalist look
• Also popular for utility rooms
• 25 year Pyramis manufacturer warranty
Optional: Flip up waste

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Round bowl kitchen sinks to fit flush on kitchen worktop. This round bowl sink is ideal for the kitchen where worktop space is limited. It is ideal for small to medium sized kitchens due to the lack of space it requires. With the absence of a draining board, it makes it popular in business environments like dentists, doctors clinics, garages and workshops. Also available in a built-in tap hole version.