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Quooker Boiling Water Taps

Say goodbye to your kettle and your traditional kitchen tap. From the world's best and original maker of boiling water kitchen taps: Quooker. Enjoy instant tea, sterilizing baby dummies to cooking pasta and rice in just 3 minutes, the Quooker tap will transform your everyday kitchen life. Water boils as you switch the lever in a pressurized water vacuum at 100° as it travels to the spout. This means the Quooker tap is both highly cost and energy efficient. We can offer you a Quooker package tailored to your needs that could include boiled, cold, hot, filtered, chilled or sparkling water! View are full range below and be sure to contact us for a consultation.





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Everyday Uses of Quooker Taps

Barista Style Coffee

Instant Cooking

Super Quick Cleaning

Infused Drinks

Sterilize Bottles

Sterilize Knives

Healthy Breakfasts

Healthy Dinners

How does the Quooker work?

The Taps


Quooker Fusion Tap

Quooker Fusion Round

Fusion Modern

Quooker Fusion Square

Fusion Classic


The Quooker Fusion three way tap will revolutionize your everyday kitchen life. The Fusion dispenses instant 100° boiling water, cold drinking water and tepid 60° hot water. In short, it facilitates all your water needs in one tap. From making instant tea, to cooking instant pasta to instantly cleaning pots and pans. Ever been in a rush to feed a baby? With the Fusion you can sterilize dummies instantly! Boiling water comes from an extremely childproof double turn valve that has a red light sensor to denote if the boiling water is active. Quooker's patented 100° temperature is boiled instantly in a power vacuum when activated, making the Fusion highly energy efficient. Regular cold and tepid water is poured via conventional lever at side. When you use the regular side lever, the transition from boiling to cold water is instantaneous.


The Quooker Fusion comes in a variety of themes, designs and finishes to suit the style of you kitchen. You can choose between a square or swan neck round spout. For each of these shapes you can choose a modern or classic theme depending on your kitchen. Then finally each of our Quooker Fusion taps comes in two stunning designs to look at home in both modern and traditional kitchens: polished chrome and stainless steel.

Standard Fusion design and finishes in stock in Dublin


Polished Chrome Round


Stainless Steel Round


Classic Round


Polished Chrome Square


Stainless Steel Square


Classic Square


Polished Chrome


Stainless Steel

Coloured Fusion design and finishes

If you are looking to make your kitchen stand out even more, you can with these deluxe black, brass and gold plated finishes! The variant is in stock in our Dublin location while brass and gold are available for special order with a typical lead time of 10 working days. Available in both Fusion designs: square and round.


Black Square


Black Round


Brass Square


Brass Round


Gold Square


Gold Round


Quooker Flex Tap

Quooker Flex pullout and boiling tap
Quooker Flex tap online

The Quooker Flex gives all the great three in one features of the Fusion with a 100% safe extendable hose for your cold water feed. The Quooker Flex is without a doubt the most practical tap on the market for all the everyday purposes required in a kitchen. Not only do you avail of instant 100 degree boiling water, The Flex also comes equipped with a meter long extension hose to rinse down your surface, fill glasses quickly etc.. Just like the Fusion, the Flex operates the release of 100 degree water via a double turn child safety valve. The feed to the main sprout and extension hose are completely isolated and separate. The main spout receives boiling water via a power vacuum that is fully insulated. This ensures zero possibility of any crossover between the two feeds so there will be no scalding or burning. Cold water is released through the hose via a release button. The Quooker Flex comes available in a polished chrome finish with a choice of a Pro 3 or Combi tank. Stainless steel finish and other tank options available on request. If you add the Quooker cold water filter to your tap, by pressing the main valve down once, you will activate the filtered water which is denoted by a blue light on the tap. The Quooker Flex is installed in our Dublin showroom so feel free to come in for a demo and a free brew!.

Quooker Flex now also available in Black.

Quooker Fusion Round

Quooker Nordic Twin Taps

Quooker Nordic Taps Ireland
Quooker Nordic Twin Taps Dublin


The Nordic Twin Taps allows two dedicated flows of water in perfectly matching twin taps. The large tap, is a regular mixer tap with cold and 60 degree tepid hot water. The smaller tap, is a dedicated 100 degree boiling water tap with the double turn child safety valve. Both in a matching modern Nordic square design to beautifully suit modern and gloss kitchens. The Nordic Twin Taps comes in a polished chrome finish with a Pro 3 tank as standard. Stainless steel finish and other tank options available on request.

The Tanks

The Pro3 and Pro7 VAQ tanks are designed to replenish automatically when emptied and approximately costs .5c a day to run! As per their name their capacity is 3 and 7 litres respectively. All Fusions and the Flex tap come with an option of the standard Pro3 VAQ tank or the Combi tank in stock. The Combi not only stores instant 100° boiling water but also a dual tank for storing regular 60° hot water. The Combi tank makes the Quooker Fusion even more energy efficient as it means you do not require the tank to be connected to the attic water tank, just mains for fresh water.

quooker tanks

The Filters (optional)

Quooker Cube

Quooker Cube
Quooker Cube
Quooker Cube

Click Here to see how the Quooker Cube could save you money and reduce your carbon footprint!

Quooker has launched its newest innovation, the CUBE. Equipped with a CUBE system, the Quooker tap now provides filtered chilled and sparkling water alongside 100°C boiling, cold and hot water, all from one tap!

The tap that does it all offers all the familiar advantages of a Quooker. It delivers water at true 100°C, saves time, water, energy and space and now also means you no longer need to buy plastic bottled water, an added bonus for the environment. Quooker owners can now enjoy a glass of refreshingly filtered chilled water or make delicious lemonades and cocktails with added sparkle.

How to activate boiling, chilled and sparking water on Quooker tap

Quooker Cold Water Filter


The Quooker Cold Water Filter provides clean filtered drinking water from your Quooker tap. It is done so through the pressing down of the main valve once at which point a blue light comes on to denote filtered drinking water. Independently installed to the tank below the counter, you can choose between the regular mains feed water supply, or clean filtered water when wanting to pur yourself a glass. The cartridges within the filter, has a typical lifespan of 3,000 drinking litres, is advised to replace every 6 months and are available to replace via our regular webshop here. In fact the Quooker Cold Water Filter will work perfectly well with any modern flexi piped fitted kitchen tap! Order Quooker Cold Water Filter and/or Replacement Cartridge direct from our webshop for next working day delivery!

Quooker Scale Control

Quooker Scale Filter Ireland
Quooker Scale Control


If you live in a hard water area, the Scale Control unit is an ideal accessory to protect your Quooker tap from limescale build up. As a stand alone accessory, it can improve the lifespan of your tap while also improving the taste of the Quooker water. With a high capacity cartridge (4200 litres), it will protect your quooker for years to come, and can be easily replaced at the end of its usable life.

Quooker Nordic Soap Dispenser


This soap dispenser makes a great combination with a Quooker tap. It can be operated with one hand and is easy to fill from the top. This is the first soap dispenser with special bearings with solid metal internals.

Order Quooker Nordic Soap Dispenser direct from our webshop for next working day delivery!