Wirework Storage and Drawer Accessories

We are going to take a look at the clever wirework storage options in our range and the essential drawer accessories to help organise your drawers and keep your crockery protected.

Corner Carousel

One of the most popular and cost effective solutions for L-shaped corner base units in the UK is the ¾ corner carousel, which can be fitted to accommodate your food or cookware leaving it effortlessly accessible. As the name suggests, the carousel rotates in the unit meaning that you have 360° access to all the items stored on it. The only slight drawback in regards to these units is that there will always be some wasted space as, generally, they are a circular unit in a square carcass. However, this loss is completely outweighed by the fact that you won't have to take out every item to reach something at the back of the unit!

If your corner unit is not L-shaped, but blind, then the ½ wire carousel may be the best solution for your needs. Again there will be some lost space but the benefit of the convenience they provide always surpasses this.

Wire Carousel ¾ In -Situ

A complete package, the ultimate carousel rotates a full 360 degrees and contains two fully extendable central storage trays to act as a great solution for both food and pot/pan storage. The front of this carousel is designed to fit the closed corner door exactly, maximising the space in use inside the cabinet, while the solid base means that this unit is easy to wipe down and keep clean. The major advantage of the Ultimate carousel over the standard carousels in our range is that it can take over 20kg more in weight, handily taking your heaviest items. No more looking for that packet pf pasta or rice in the back!

Ultimate Carousel For 900mm Corner Unit

Ultimate Carousel for 900mm Corner Unit

Kidney Corner Units

Another two options for corner storage are Inoxa kidney corner unit and Sige kitchen kidney corner unit. Both of these items allow you to open the corner cabinet door and then pull out the unit. As you pull the fitting out it pivots and gives you complete access to all items stored on the tray.

Whether you need a left or right hand unit is defined by which way the corner unit pulls out if you are looking at the cabinet straight on. If you need the corner unit to pull out to the left as you face the cabinet, as shown in the diagram, then you need a left hand unit while if you need it to pull out to the right then order a right hand unit.


Left Hand Kidney Corner Solution Opening

Left Hand Kidney Corner Diagram



Magic Corner and Optimiser

The magic corner unit and kitchen optimizers, as shown, are typically used when there is a tight blind corner in a kitchen and a traditional L-shaped corner unit won't work. These units offer a better storage solution than the carousels or the corner unit above, making the most efficient use of the space in a blind corner base unit, making it virtually entirely accessible.

A magic corner unit works with the two baskets connected to the door pulling out and, when the door turns to the side as shown, two more baskets come forward from the back. Our soft close magic corner unit is reversible for both right and left hand units. A kitchen optimizer unit has 4 solide base storage trays which are fully extendable outside the cabinet.
Organising one UK home at a time!

Kitchen Corner Optimizer

Kitchen Corner Optimizer



Drawer Accessories

We currently have two cutlery organiser inserts in our range to help you keep your kitchen organised and your drawers clutter free. Our traditional Wooden cutlery drawer insert is made from solid beech; a commonly used hardwood in the fabrication of furniture and well known for its durability. Our Metallic cutlery drawer insert is made from a hard rigid plastic and the grey metallic colour is designed to compliment our soft close drawers.

Both of these cutlery trays come in multiple sizes for standard drawers and can be readily removed for easy cleaning.

When it comes to accessories for pot drawers you have the choice of either the Peg base or Non-slip mat to keep you crockery safe and to reduce noise when shutting the drawer, stopping that annoying crash every time you close a drawer full of pots or plates! The Peg base is made from rustic beech and can be cut down to fit non-standard drawers if required while the Non-slip mat is made from rubber and must be cut to size.

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