Soft close magic corner unit

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Fits 1000mm kitchen corner unit with soft close effect
• Measurements:
   - Internal side baskets: 455mm x 390mm x 85mm
   - Door side baskets: 435mm x 250mm x 85mm
   - Minimum door width requirement: 400mm-450mm
   - Maximum door width threshold: 600mm
   - Minimum door side of unit depth: 500mm
   - Minimum blind side of unit depth: 430mm
   - Maximum unit depth: 550mm
   - Minimum width requirement: 865mm
   - Minimum height requirement: 550mm
   - Weight : 19kg net
Unlike many other Magic Corner Units, ours is universal fitting and therefore you will not make a mistake over left or right hand installation


• Kitchen corner unit can be fitted in a left hand or right hand installation
• Perfect for optimising blind kitchen corner storage space
• It comes with four wire baskets and is fitted on soft close runners
• For a minimum 900mm corner unit
• Possible to fit to a 1000mm unit (some space will be left at the rear of the cabinet)
• Blind side minimum depth of 430mm is 70mm less due to centre post in middle of corner unit
• Maximum Weight Capacity: Internal Basket - 9kg per basket / Door Mounted Basket - 7kg per basket
Solid base corner solution also available
• Fittings and instruction manual included
• Open door and front two baskets will come out while two baskets from the corner extend to the front of unit
Add lighting to blind corner:
  - Led strip light
  - Auto door switch for automatic lighting when door opens

The magic corner unit is typically used when you have a tight blind corner in a kitchen cabinet. When it comes to storage these units really offer the best solution, superior to that of the carousels or kidney corner unit, as they make the most efficient use of the space in a blind corner base unit, meaning that it is virtually entirely accessible. This particular magic corner unit is reversible which means can be installed in either a right or left hand configuration.

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5-Star Customer Review

"Very pleased with the corner cupboard pullout storage recently bought and installed. It looks and feels to be very strong, pulls out and pushes in smoothly and allows much easier access to all items stored, all at a competitive price. Extremely fast delivery! Thank you."

The perfect utilisation of a soft close magic corner unit. The customer, like so many others, has been able to take an underused space and transform it into an organised, integral part of the kitchen. The magic corner unit is one of the most popular items at Kitchen Fittings Direct, and for good reason.

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