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As we described in our other quooker resource page the Quooker Fusion is a single, all-in-one, tap for hot, cold and boiling water which is ultra-safe, super-efficient and available in three tap designs and two finishes. We discussed the main features and benefits of the perfect addition to the kitchen, but, what about its utility and application in a UK workplace?

Time is Money

It may be a clichéd saying but this is only because there must be some truth to the sentiment. Take the chart below which tracks the overall time lost with only 15 people working in the office waiting for the kettle to boil.

Savings Chart

As you can see from above, on average, it takes a kettle three minutes to boil two litres of water leading to a queue of people waiting to make their cup of tea, losing the company money. By installing a Quooker in the canteen, break room or boardroom this issue is eradicated as it will now only take seconds to make a cafetiere of coffee or a pot, or a cup of tea. Both the COMBI and PRO7-VAQ tanks can serve up to 42 cups of tea in a row with no waiting time! Afterall, the UK loves its tea.

But what about other areas in the workplace? What about your breakout area or even the boardroom? Often, preparing refreshments before the start of a meeting really eats into the time set aside for discussing proposals and acting on decisions. Consider installing a Quooker with a small fridge in the boardroom and you'll never need to interrupt a critical meeting to call out for refreshments again.

Furthermore the Quooker aims to please. Everyone likes their tea or coffee served in their own particular manner but it’s a nuisance to boil several kettles to get a round of various drinks in, often taking a good ten or twenty minutes, before the meeting can start. With the Quooker everyone can make their own drink in a few seconds and, if it’s a particularly long meeting, fill-ups take no time at all, ensuring that the flow of inspiration, creativity and spontaneity is undisturbed


Quooker Square Tap

Fusion Square Tap

Safety in the Workplace is Paramount

As mentioned in our last blog post knocked over kettles cause many casualties throughout the UK every year but such accidents can be minimised with the installation of a Quooker tap in your office. Compared to a kettle the Quooker tap is securely installed in the worktop, by the sink, so there is no risk of it toppling over and burning someone. If we recall, the tap is designed to dispense only 0.05 litres of water per second in a fine spray rather than a hard jet, giving you plenty of time to get your hands out of harm's way. A kettle, if it falls, will spill approximately 1 litre of water per second, potentially causing serious or life threatening burns.

feature diagram

As an added safety precaution all workplaces should also insist on covered cups if people are walking around with hot beverages.  

Energy Savings

When using electric kettles we tend to use more water than necessary which is particularly true in the office where water is often boiled and reboiled, again and again, as people come in and out of the break room to make themselves some tea or coffee. This whole process is incredibly wasteful. However the Quooker's unique PRO3/7-VAQ and COMBI tanks, with revolutionary high-vacuum insulation and a specialised, patented, radiation shield, are designed for incredible energy savings meaning that it only costs 5-7 cents a day to have boiling water at hand, exactly when employees want it.

quooker diagram

The COMBI tank, as well as supplying boiling water, delivers hot water too. This tank eliminates the need to pipe water all the way from the tank to the tap which can be incredibly convenient in an office where the main hot water tank may be located at a considerable distance from the tap. This can cut down on cost substantially as heat loss is cut down to an absolute minimum because the hot water isn't being pumped over any distance; it only has to travel from the Quooker COMBI tank to the tap.

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