Trend two flute cutter

Trend two flute cutter

• Suitable for a wide range of applications such as engraving, grooving, rebating and shallow mortising
• Use on softwoods, hardwoods, MDF, plywood and chipboard
• All cutters have a bottom cut feature
• Recommended speed: 1000-20000 RPM
• D: 35 mm
• OL: 60 mm
• Shank diameter: 12.7cm(1/2in)

Trend C005X1/4TC 6.0mm two flute cutter9501000Out of Stock€17.10Add To Cart
Trend C008X1/4TC 6.3mm two flute cutter9501005< 2 In Stock€19.75Add To Cart
Trend C012AX1/4TC 8.0mm two flute cutter9501010< 2 In Stock€18.90Add To Cart
Trend C016X1/4TC 10mm two flute cutter9501015< 2 In Stock€26.10Add To Cart
Trend C022X1/4TC 12.7mm two flute cutter9501025< 2 In Stock€26.90Add To Cart
Trend C024AX1/4TC 15.0mm two flute cutter9501030Out of Stock€25.10Add To Cart
Trend C153DX1/2TC 12.7mm two flute cutter9501060< 5 In Stock€43.10Add To Cart
Trend C153X1/2TC 12.7mm two flute cutter9501065< 2 In Stock€28.35Add To Cart
Trend C164X1/2TC 12.7mm two flute cutter9501075< 10 In Stock€41.30Add To Cart