Kitchen wicker basket with front handle

Front handled wicker basket in beautiful beech finish
Back in stock by popular demand
• Decorative traditional wicker baskets with front handle
• Finish: beech
• Front opening for ease of use
• Bag of selica gel included to prolong life of wicker
• Ideal for storing vegetables and fresh foodstuffs
• Easy to fit
• Dimensions: 520mm width x 450mm depth x 210mm height
• Runners included
• Runner dimensions: 40 x 34mm (23 x 18mm insertion for basket)
• Options for industry standard carcasses and the internal carcass widths they will fit:

   - 400mm - 364mm internal width - 320mm basket width
   - 500mm - 464mm internal width - 420mm basket width
   - 600mm - 564mm internal width - 520mm basket width

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Kitchen Wicker Basket For 400mm Unit with Front Handle
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Kitchen Wicker Basket For 500mm Unit with Front Handle
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Kitchen Wicker Basket For 600mm Unit with Front Handle
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