Ultimate Verdun interior door pack

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Beautifully unique Florentine bronze finished door handle kit
• Complete interior door fittings pack
• Superb all in 1 kit
• Everything you need to fit door to frame and function for the end user
• So open box and get the job done
• Highly decorative traditional hue design
• Finish: Florentine bronze
• Escutcheon and door hinges also have this unique Florentine finish
• All exterior handle & hinge screws also have matching finish
• Pack includes:
   - 2 x handles (for each side)
   - 2 x escutcheons (for lock on each side)
   - 3 x brass butt hinges (Florentine bronze)
   - 1 x mortice lock & keep
   - 2 x keys for lock
• No need to buy any handles, escutcheons, brass butt hinges, locks or keys separately
• All fittings needed to complete job included (door & hinge screws, Allen keys, spindals, lock blanking caps etc)


Door Kit Specifications

• Handle width: 122mm
• Handle Extension: 60mm
• Escutcheon base: 52mm
• Hinge dimensions: 102mm height x 33mm width x 2mm thick (each side)
• Hinge base: 13mm
• Lock & lock striking plate finish: bronze
• Lock size: 2 1/2in
• Striking plate width: 42mm



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