Solid base 1/2 carousel for kitchen corner unit

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Solid base 1/2 kitchen carousel from Emuca
• Half moon carousel for kitchen corner units
• Turns half revolution out of kitchen door
• Excellent solution for kitchen corners where half the unit is already in use/spare
• Tip: 800mm is the smallest size for corner units in the Irish market
• Solid base much more practical than wire equivalent
• Avoid spillages of stored foods: rice, pasta etc
• Solid base material does not collect static
• Consists of two solid bases, brackets, pole and door clip
• Grooves in bases are not only stylish but also help keep items fixed
• Each base moves independently
• Brand: Emuca
• Load capacity: 20kg
• Minimum unit width: 800mm
• Minimum door width: 450mm
• Minimum depth: 550mm
• Minimum height: 550mm
• Complete full use of space with door mounted spice racks
• Also available in 3/4 version
Easy to assemble


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