Fittings for Bespoke Cabinets


Bespoke cabinetry, by design can be made into any dimension, size and shape you desire by your tradesperson. This may be necessary to adhere to a specific kitchen design or space/design requirements however, the negative result of this is with custom cabinetry comes custom unit items/fittings.

At, we aim to please as many customers as possible; as a bespoke cabinet is unique, our kitchen and drawer units are designed to match standard units.

Do I have a “Standard” Cabinet?

Kitchen _drawer_sizes

Although the term “standard” is subjective by nature and is open to interpretation, at Kitchen Fittings Direct we supply items as per the industry accepted standard sizes.

The above sizes are standard sizes for overall units and are all in mm (millimetre). One thing to note when choosing an item that is intended to be fitted within a unit is that the unit size is not the internal width of the carcass but the width of the entire unit. If this sounds confusing, do not despair as it is illustrated in the below diagram.

Kitchen drawer_sizes

Example: Soft close pull out wire basket for 600mm unit cupboard storage

a) Internal Width 564-570mm: This is the actual width of the item on its drawer runners and is essentially the required internal width needed to fit the item within your unit.

b) To fit 600mm unit: This item is intended for a 600mm unit. The 600mm unit is known as “600mm” due to its overall unit size : 600mm = [564-570mm internal width + (18mm x 2 - width of both sides)]

Kitchen _drawers

This exact same pattern can be applied to all of the other drawer items across the site (e.g. Soft close pull out wire basket for 700mm = 664mm internal width...etc.)

c) W 510mm: This 510mm refers to the width of the actual basket unmounted (i.e. without the drawer runners).

What to do if I have a “Bespoke” Cabinet?

Don’t worry if you have a non-standard cabinet size, we still have items which are fully adaptable to any unit size [bespoke, standard and everything in between].

Kitchen drawer_sizes

Above is a “drawer kit” which is able to suit any size cabinet. Supplied with our drawer kits is the following:

- Pair of slides

- Pair of drawer sides

- Front and back fixing brackets

These drawer kits are a favourite of tradespeople with access to their own workshops to prepare their own bases, back and fronts. As a tradesperson can create his/her own structure pieces for the drawer, these kits enable full drawer size customisation. If you don't have access to a workshop, we also supply drawer bases and drawer backs (standard and pot drawer backs available) to enable you to create your own drawers using the aforementioned drawer kits.

Kitchen drawer_sizes

As the bases, backs and fronts are not supplied with the drawer kit (i.e. they are provided by your fitter) the size of said base, back or front is completely up to you. We currently supply DTC drawers kits for standard soft close drawers, soft close pot drawers as well as the brand new cutlery drawer kits

Kitchen drawer_sizes
Kitchen drawer_sizes

It is worth noting that although drawer kits are fully customisable and can be used with bespoke units, all wire baskets are only suitable with standard sizes and are not suitable for bespoke units (see the above diagram for an example/illustration).

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