Choosing Taps To Match Granite Composite Sinks

The kitchen has long been the heart of the home, a place where we gather, cook, and create lasting memories. A dream kitchen is a kitchen where functionality meets aesthetics and where every detail is carefully thought out.


When it comes to designing the perfect kitchen, there's one element that often takes centre stage: the sink. We have already dwelled into how granite composite kitchen sinks can be a game changer in your kitchen design in our blog What Are Composite Sinks? If you have chosen a granite composite kitchen sink as the centrepiece, it’s already a promising choice to exude elegance and durability. The decision-making process does not end with the sink. It is also crucial to select the right tap to match the beautiful granite composite kitchen sink as it contributes to the overall aesthetics and functionality of your kitchen. It is an opportunity to infuse your kitchen with style, personality, and sophistication. A well-chosen tap can either harmonize with the sink's design or create a bold contrast that adds drama and character to your kitchen.

So, if you are wondering which tap to style with your granite sink, this page will serve you well.


1. Steel Taps in Chrome or Brushed Finish:

First up is to style your granite sink with steel taps in either chrome or brushed finish. What was once considered modern is now conventional and found in most kitchens across Ireland. The steel taps offer to seamlessly match to other stainless steel elements in your kitchen such as the cooker hood, the hob and other stainless steel appliances in the kitchen. This uniformity can create a cohesive and contemporary look, promoting a sense of unity within your kitchen's design. Moreover, steel taps are often a suitable choice if you prefer a coordinated appearance, as they can match the default provided waste and even the hinges in the same finish. However, it's essential to note that the gloss and stainless steel combination, which was a massive trend in kitchen design in the UK and Ireland in the 2000s, may be considered somewhat outdated by today's design standards. While they remain a practical choice for your kitchen, you may need additional design elements to bring life to your kitchen aesthetics. Tak a look at our chrome and brushed kitchen taps.

granite sink

Black Granite Sink with Brushed Tap

tivoli sink

White Granite Sink with Chrome Tap

2. Matching Composite Taps with Composite Sinks:

Do you know Kitchen Fittings Direct is the only supplier in Ireland to stock taps in matching colours but also taps with matching stone texture. The Elara Composite Taps are a seamless match to our granite sinks specially the Clearwater Granite Composite Sinks. When you choose this combination, you not only ensure that your sink and tap compliment each other but also having a highly sought after look in today’s time. Granite composite sinks have become the crown jewel of modern kitchen spaces, known for their durability, style, and rugged elegance. Matching these sinks with taps that replicate the same color and texture creates an aesthetic unity that's hard to beat.

Granite Kitchen Sinks Colours

The Elara taps have redefined the concept of design integration with their matching colour and texture composite taps. This attention to detail allows you to take your kitchen aesthetics to the next level, ensuring that every element in your kitchen is not only visually harmonious but also satisfying.

3. Taps in Brass/Copper/Black Finish:

Brass, copper and black finish taps are currently in rage in kitchen design and it’s no surprise why. These en vogue finishes offer a sense of modernity and luxury which is certainly irresistible. These finishes are achieved using a process called PVD coating which makes these taps even more durable than the standard taps. You can read more about the benefits of PVD coated kitchen essentials in our blog Electroplated Vs PVD Coated Sink And Taps.
These taps infuse character and elegance into contemporary kitchens. What's intriguing is that these once-traditional finishes have made a grand comeback, especially in restoring traditional kitchen designs as the most popular choice today. Choosing a brass/copper/black finish tap to pair with your granite kitchen sink creates a kitchen space that’s inviting and durable.
You can also find other kitchen fittings such as handles, knobs, hinges and more in matching finishes to create a symmetry in your kitchen design. Check out Complete Kitchen Fittings Guide to help you choose the right fittings.
Additionally, if you're looking for a touch of luxury and convenience, the Magus range includes hot water taps in these fancy brass, copper, and black finishes. With this combination of style, convenience, and classic charm, you can truly transform your kitchen into a space that reflects your individuality and the latest design trends.

granite sink

Black Granite Sink with Brass Tap

granite sink

Grey Granite Sink with Black Tap

So, which tap should you go for? It eventually depends on your style preference and your kitchen design. Steel taps are durable and practical. Composite taps offer a seamless and integrated look. Brass, copper, or black taps add a touch of luxury and uniqueness.
Quick Tip: Choose a tap which not only adds a style element to your kitchen but also increases the functionality
Whether you opt for a classic, modern, or unique look, the right tap will enhance the beauty and functionality of your granite composite sink, making your kitchen a true masterpiece.

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