Quooker filtered & sparkling water Cube

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Additional Quooker tank for filtered chilled & sparkling water
• Additional Quooker tank for filtered chilled and sparkling water
• Each carbonated co2 tank produces 70 litres of sparkling water
• Each filtered chilled cartridge needs replacing only once a year
• Chilled system lowers the temperature of filtered water by 5 degrees
• Each Quooker Cube comes with 1 tank of carbonated co2 and 1 water filter cartridge
• You do not need or no longer need, the Quooker water filter system if you install the Quooker Cube as filtered water is part of the Cube system
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Quooker Cube Dimensions: 430mm (H), 230mm (W), 440mm (D). 65mm extra space either on front or side is needed for the CO2 cylinders.

Quooker Cube:

Quooker Cube Chilled Carbonation and Filtration System

• The Quooker Cube - turn your Quooker into a 5-in-1 tap with chilled sparkling and filtered water at your fingertips.

How to install