Unlocking the Advantages of 4 in 1 Hot Water Taps for British Homes

Hot water taps have changed the kitchen game in British homes especially in areas where hard water is quite prevalent. They are a great example of an intersection where convenience meets practicality. The introduction of a hot water tap in your kitchen can unveil a myriad of benefits waiting to be explored.

Here, we have listed down the advantages of having the Clearwater 4 in 1 Hot Water Tap in your kitchen which could ease the routine kitchen tasks.

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1. Multi-Mode Function

Single spout dispenses water in four modes: domestic hot, domestic cold, 98°C filtered water and cold filtered water. This versatility caters to various needs within your household, making these taps an excellent addition to your kitchen. Whether you need hot water for an instant cup of coffee or simply want chilled or filtered water for refreshing beverages, this tap will have you covered.

2. Suitable For Hard Water Areas

Hard water is a common issue in the United Kingdom. When the levels of calcium carbonate in water increases, the water is categorised to be hard water. According to aquacure.co.uk, water hardness levels are very high in South East of England and London. Scotland and Wales have soft water. You can check the quality of water in your area here. The Clearwater Magus 4 in 1 Tap is specially designed to be suitable for hard water areas. The tap has an anti-limescale filter included to reduce the water hardness.

Source: aquacure.co.uk

3. Importance of Sterilized Water

The presence of minerals such as, calcium and magnesium, is usually high in hard water which can affect the taste and quality of water. While these minerals are not harmful, consuming them in excess can pose long-term health concerns. Sterilized water, obtained through the 4-in-1 hot water tap's filtration system, ensures that your drinking water is pure and safe, contributing to your overall health and hydration.
It also promises the best taste of your beverages and meals. It removes impurities and contaminants, providing you with crystal-clear water for drinking, cooking, and more.
Hard water can be harsh on your kitchen appliances, causing limescale build-up over time. Sterilized water helps prolong the life of these valuable investments by reducing the accumulation of mineral deposits.

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4. Benefits of Filtered Drinking Water

The Clearwater 4 in 1 Hot Water Tap makes filtered water readily available by merely turning on your tap. Filtered drinking water has plenty of benefits. You can get improved taste and clarity in your water by eliminating contaminants from your drinking water. This clear water also encourages one to drink more water promoting a healthier lifestyle. With filtered water available at your fingertips, you don’t have to depend on packaged drinking water or boil water at home. Thus, also helping the environment.

5. Cost Saving Benefits

a. Energy Efficiency: One of the most significant cost-saving benefits of 4-in-1 hot water taps is their energy efficiency. Hot water taps heat the water just once a day and store it to be ready for use when needed. The number of times a kettle is used in any household, needs no genius to say, is way beyond just once. A hot water tap is not just energy efficient but also helps to save you water because it pours only what you need.

b. Number of Cups and Cost Comparison: The cost of buying an instant hot water tap and its installation may seem expensive at first, but it will surely save on your energy bills in the long run and also provides convenience. Let’s break down the cost savings further. According to an article in Telegraph.co.uk, The energy cost of boiling one litre of water in a kettle is 2.3p. While it only takes 3 pence a day to boil water from a tap only on standby. Even if the tap is never used, a 4 in 1 water tap would cost around £10.95 per year.


Now that we have listed the benefits of a 4 in 1 Hot Water Tap, you’d ask, “But where can I use it?” A 4 in 1 Hot Water Tap does multiple jobs at once. You can use this tap to streamline your kitchen tasks. Some of the uses are listed below:
1. Make tea or coffee
2. Quick and easy cooking with instant hot water. No need to wait to boil your pasta, noodles, rice and so on
3. Cleaning your fruits and vegetables
4. Blanch your vegetables
5. Wash and degrease your utensils easily
6. Filtered water for refreshing beverages
7. Sterilized water for a healthy lifestyle


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4-in-1 hot water taps are a game-changer for British households, offering convenience, sterilized water, and cost-saving benefits. They cater to the needs of hard water areas, provide filtered drinking water, and significantly reduce energy costs compared to traditional kettles. By embracing this technology, British homes can enjoy the advantages of a modern, efficient, and environmentally friendly water heating solution. 4 in 1 hot water taps are becoming an integral part of an British home, one pour at a time.


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