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A 100% Dutch invention that’s taking over the world - once you try one of the taps from the new Quooker range you’ll never bother with your kettle again! It’s the new kitchen must-have in the UK.

With the tap mounted on the worktop and the tank underneath the sink, the Quooker tap dispenses boiling water immediately saving you time, water, space and money. You have the choice between a separate boiling water tap with an accompanying mixer tap, or the new Quooker Fusion: a single, all-in-one, tap for hot, cold and boiling water. Ultra-safe, super-efficient and available in three tap designs and two finishes.

If your locality in the UK suffers from hard water you now have the opportunity to purchase the newly developed Quooker Scale Control cartridge which will lengthen the lifetime of your Quooker by reducing water hardness. 

No kitchen is now complete without its Quooker.

The Taps

The Quooker tap collection includes single boiling water taps and dual boiling water and mixed taps in two finishes: chrome and brushed chrome.

All Quooker taps have a childproof push-and-turn handle and a fully insulated spout. Except for the Fusion, they are also height-adjustable which, for instance, comes in handy when you want to fill a tall pan or thermos flask. In this case you just adjust the tap to the highest position. The lowest position, on the other hand, is, for example, useful when you want to fill up a small pan with water in your sink. Thanks to the insulated spout, you can do one immediately after the other; just take hold of the tap and slide it up and down.


Quooker Fusion Square Tap

Quooker Fusion Square

Quooker Round Tap

Quooker Fusion Round

The Tanks


The Quooker PRO-VAQ tanks sit neatly under your kitchen sink in order to provide instant 100°C boiling water on demand. The 3 litre volume of the PRO3-VAQ will suit the majority of British households.


The PRO7-VAQ is designed for very large families or semi-professional cooks who may want the 7 litre capacity tank for extended or repeated use


In the UK, the main boiler for the house tends not to be located all that close to the kitchen which means that the kitchen’s hot water supply has to be piped some distance before reaching the mixed tap. This can involve running the tap for a considerable amount of time before the hot water comes through. With the Quooker COMBI installed under the kitchen sink you will now have instant hot water (50-60°C) and boiling water (100°C) all from a single unit.

Quooker’s COMBI tank really is a kitchen breakthrough in convenience, water usage and energy-efficiency. Economical to run, its standby usage is just 5p per day.

Scale Control

If you have hard water this is the most reliable descaling option to compliment your Quooker tap and lengthen its lifespan. This system works with an ion exchange cartridge that can easily be replaced at the end of its lifespan and eliminates the need to carry out continuous maintenance for limescale removal


Quooker Tank

How the Quooker Tap Works

Step 1

Freshwater flows into the tank.

Step 2

The water is heated to 110 °C under mains pressure. It is purified as it goes through the HiTAC® water filter. This high temperature also guarantees sterility.

Step 3

Water cools off to 100°C as it flows out of the tap and starts to boil. Calcium conversion takes place so that you are left with no more tea scum.

Step 4

The water is freshly boiled. When the water comes into contact with your coffee or tea it is at the ideal temperature of 93°C. If the whole tank of boiling water is used at once it only takes a few minutes to heat up again.

Everyday Uses

The Quooker tap has an endless number of uses and our UK customers keep coming up with new and brilliant ways of utilising this exceptional tap. The most obvious use is making a cup of tea or coffee, but here are some further ones:


  • Sterilizing pots for jam-making
  • Cooking and blanching vegetables
  • Cleaning greasy pans
  • Boiling eggs
  • Peeling tomatoes
  • Dissolving stock cubes
  • Filling hot water bottles
  • Making baby formula milk
  • Making instant soups, sauces and noodles
  • Filling pans to make pasta, noodles and rice
  • Keeping kitchen utensils and chopping boards sterile
  • Sterilising dummies and baby bottles
  • Removing wax from candlesticks
  • Rinsing out small kitchen appliances


Quooker Making Coffee
Quooker Peeling Tomatoes


Knocked over kettles cause many casualties throughout Ireland every year; particularly to children under the age of 4. “According to researchers in Temple Street Children's Hospital in Dublin and the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland's department of paediatrics, burns and other heat-related injuries continue to be one of the most common type of injury presenting to emergency departments worldwide. They are also responsible for almost one in 10 child injury deaths around the world.” Such accidents can be minimised with the installation of a Quooker in the home which is designed with many built in safety features.

Compared to a kettle the Quooker tap is securely installed in the worktop by the sink so there is no risk of it toppling over and burning someone. Furthermore the tap is designed to dispense only 0.05 litres of water per second in a fine spray rather than a hard jet, giving you plenty of time to get your hands out of harm's way. A kettle, if it falls, will spill approximately 1 litre of water per second, potentially cause serious or life threatening burns.

The Quooker has a childproof push and turn handle, with the Quooker Fusion even featuring a double push and turn handle. All the taps in the range feature double-walled and insulated spouts that ensure the tap never feels hot to the touch.

Energy Savings

When using electric kettles we tend to use more water than necessary or often leave the kettle to boil, forget about it and then return to boil it yet again, wasting further time, energy and money. The Quooker's unique PRO3/7-VAQ tank, with revolutionary high-vacuum insulation and a specialised patented radiation shield, is designed for incredible energy savings meaning that it only costs 5-7 cents a day to have boiling water at hand, exactly when you want it. What's more, the Quooker ensures that you always have the exact amount of boiling water you need leading to little or no water wastage.

Included in the Quooker range is the COMBI tank, which, as well as supplying boiling water, delivers all of your kitchen’s hot water too. If your kitchen tap is more than six metres away from your boiler, a COMBI tank under your kitchen sink could offer you significant savings in both water and energy usage. This tank eliminates the need to pipe water all the way from the tank to the kitchen meaning that heat loss is cut down to an absolute minimum. It also promises an end to having to run the tap for ages to get hot water as it comes instantly from the COMBI tank.

Check out our Quooker and extensive kitchen taps range.

Note: We stock both the COMBI and PRO3-VAQ tanks which can be combined with the Basic and Fusion tap models, which we also keep in stock. We can source any of the other models with a normal lead time of one week.

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