Installing soft close pull out baskets

Here is an easy step by step process to installing our soft close chrome baskets in your lovely UK homes.

1. After unpacking the kitchen baskets from the box you’ll find the chrome basket, two soft close runners, screws and plastic clasps which are provided so you can make a larder unit out of these baskets rather than buying a larder unit itself:

1. Unpacking Soft Close Chrome Basket

2. The first thing you’ll need to do, if installing at the bottom of a cupboard, is measure for clearance. This means measuring from the top of the runner to the bottom of the basket which we’ve done for you here! It measures 7cm so, with clearance of 1cm, we will need 8cm when installing it in the carcass.

Note: The doors on this carcass have not been installed yet so there is no need to worry about clearing the hinges here but you may need to with your carcass and door so keep this in mind as the basket will clear nearly all hinges but the runners won’t:

2. Measuring From The Bottom Of The Soft Close Chrome Basket To The Top Of The Runner

3. Clip in the runners and position the basket in the drawer to where you want to place it making sure the runners are clipped in at the same point on each side:

3. Placing The Basket In The Cupboard

4. Measure from the front of the drawer to the start of the runner & it was 13cm here because the baskets were being set back further into the cabinet but you may want to set them closer to the door:

4. Measure From The Front Of The Carcass To The Runner

5. Take the basket out of cupboard.

6. Mark the position for the top of the runner including the 1cm clearance (8cm):

5. Mark The Top Of The Runner (8cm)

7. Using a level mark a line along the top mark to indicate where the top of runner should go and do the same to mark the front of the runner:

6. Use Level To Mark The Top Line Of The Runner
7. Use Level To Mark The Front Line Of The Runner

8. Line up the runner and mark your pilot holes:

8. Line Up The Runner And Mark The Pilot Holes

9. You can use a piece of insulation tape on your drill bit as a depth gauge so you don’t drill through the carcass when drilling the pilot holes:

9. DIY Drill Bit Stop _Depth Gauge
10. DIY Drill Bit Stop _Depth Gauge

10. Drill the pilot holes and screw in both of the runners:

11. Drill Pilot Holes In The Carcass
12. Screw In The Runners
13. Screw In The Runners

11. Clip the basket into the four clasps and your soft close chrome kitchen basket is ready to use!

14. Clip The Basket Into The Four Clasps

Do for each and all thats left to do is start storing your goods!

15. Carcass With Soft Close Chrome Baskets

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