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It's right up there with your shower and bed as one of the most frequently used facilities in your home, but how much thought do you really put into the purchase of your kitchen sink? You might make your first priority choosing a sink that best matches the entire kitchen. However, regardless of your budget, you do not want to be changing a sink after only a couple of years. What’s a hugely important factor is the unit’s longevity i.e. the sink’s ability to withstand all the day-to-day living that is thrown at it and whether it can still remain intact and easy to clean. Really a sink should last for 10-15 years, only then should other factors like design, budget, practicality and accessories be considered. Here are the three materials of kitchen sinks available on our website and what they have to offer:

Stainless Steel Sinks

It is without doubt the one type of sink that enters into most people’s mind when you mention a kitchen sink. That is simply because it is the most common sink in people’s home in the UK. For starters they are durable and flexible to any design of kitchen. Stainless sinks are also the most affordable as they are cheap to produce and therefore cheap to the end user. Nine times out of ten stainless steel will be cheaper than any other sustainable sink material. Each Pyramis sink is quality tested for heat resistance and ability to withstand dents. Another reason why stainless steel is so popular in the UK is because they match the typical finish of most kitchen taps and appliances, such as steel or chrome. With a hollow bowl, they are definitely not as loud as heavier material sinks, so washing pots and pans can be a little more tranquil. One constraint to look out for on stainless steel sinks is that while their frame is likely to remain intact and more likely to avoid being chipped, scratches on the surface can become visible after 2-3 years. Stainless steel cleaner is an easy solution to this problem. A sink with a brushed finish, such as the  Pyramis Galaxy however, is more protected from this constraint and still has the advantages of a robust stainless steel sink.

Ceramic Sinks

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Long before the industrial revolution brought steel into every home, ceramic sinks were common place in both the landowner’s estate and thatched cottages. Today, their vintage appeal is still incredibly popular with people willing to spend as much as £500 on ceramic sinks. They are commonly referred to as country or farmhouse sinks. From a design and quality perspective, the white of ceramic sinks makes a perfect contrast to most dark wooden or granite themed kitchens. Its smooth finish is not only very aesthetically pleasing but also easy to keep clean with as little as a damp cloth usually enough to suffice. The durability of ceramic sinks and their heavy frame also make it easy for installation. For example, a Belfast sink, one of the most popular kitchen sinks on the market, has an installation that sits out nicely on the front of a standard British kitchen worktop. Ceramic sinks do however carry a reputation for not being dish friendly due to its hard material. They are also known to be prone to chips on the surface. These drawbacks you will find are usually largely over-exaggerated and with a little care, no plate will be harmed during the ownership of a ceramic sink. You have to remember that the aesthetic beauty of a ceramic sink is its main selling point so a little care is required in its maintenance.

Composite Sinks

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If you want longevity and durability combined with a sleek modern style, look no further than a granite-made composite sink. Usually a composition of 80% granite, its quality is reflected in the price and is typically the most expensive material found in kitchen sinks. Its smooth rock surface makes it practically impenetrable to any wear and tear of day to day living. The standard life expectancy of a composite sink can be as much as 25 years and in all probability, it could be the only sink you will ever need to purchase for your kitchen! Composite sinks are virtually chip proof and fully heat resistant. Our composite range come in five beautiful finishes: black, grey, red, white and sandstone. They will add class regardless of the style of your kitchen. We have kitchen taps in black, grey, white and cream to match our composite sinks. The disadvantage to composite sinks is obvious to some, the price. However if you want to be assured quality, beauty and durability all in the one sink with a high potential of never having to replace, then look no further than this material.

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