Belfast sink, what style of tap suits best

The traditional farmhouse style Belfast sink (or farmer's sink), continues to be one of the most popular kitchen sinks that people decide to install in the United Kingdom. Generally people like its beautiful display that matches and compliments most styles of wooden & granite worktops. The bowl is both wider and deeper than a standard stainless steel sink, providing more room for washing pots and pans (or washing a baby or dog!). If you have nostalgia of your granny's kitchen and want that traditional look to blend in with a modern kitchen, then a Belfast or ceramic sink is your best choice. As with convention, our Belfast sink sits under the counter with the front on display rather than over mount which we generally do not recommend.

Belfast Sink
Cheap Belfast Sink

Which moves us onto the next point, what types of kitchen taps best suit a Belfast sink? Most people in the UK order traditional styles mentioned below. Some customers order modern styled taps online only to discover on arrival that it does not particularly suit the sink! As it is a traditional looking sink, we typically recommend traditional taps to match. Here are traditional kitchen taps that would suit the Belfast sink in any styled kitchen:


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