List of products by brand UNIKA

Sealant to connect joints of laminate worktops
• Sealant to join mitred worktops
• 8 colours to match all popular finishes of laminate worktops
• Will suppress water from getting between the joint
• Resistant to heat and direct sunlight
• Can also be used to repair dents in worktop surface
• Size: 25g tube
Specialized cleaner for composite sinks
• Highly effective cleaning agent for composite sinks
• 100% safe limescale removal without endangering the material of your composite sink
• Professional grade cleaner
• Non scratch solution
• Antibacterial care
• Wipes away clean, no scrubbing required
• Directions for use on bottle
• Bottle size: 250ml
• Stainless steel cleaner also available
To stick worktop strips to end of open worktop
• To fix matching end strips to worktop
• Very easy to peel and apply on both sides
• Done once, creates a permanent bond
• Material: hard PVC covered in acrylate adhesive
• Max temperature resistance: 70°C
• Width: 40mm
• Length: 5 metre roll
To maintain glass, mirrors and other gloss surfaces
• For use on gloss doors, glass, mirrors, polished chrome and other shiny surfaces
• Easily removes stains, dust and liquid marks
• Non abrasive
• Professional grade designed to reduce static and therefore build up of dust
• Complementary wipe included
• Directions for use on can
• Can size: 200ml
To avoid blackening and scorching of frame of hob cutout over time
• Heat reflective tape to protect worktop at points of cutout for hob
• Radiant heat resistant
• Material: aluminium
• Width: 50mm
• Length: 1 metre roll
For use on solid material worktops
• Ad hoc cleaning product for solid surface worktops
• Ideal for corian and acrylic
• Clean grease and grime with professional grade cleaner
• Safe to use
• Hazardous, biodegradable and solvent free
• Streak free formula
• Does not leave smears in application
• Directions for use on bottle
• Bottle size: 500ml
Perfect for food preparation areas
Ensures extra longevity for your stainless steel sinks
• Suitable for all stainless steel materials
• Ideal for hoods, sinks, hobs, splashbacks and appliances
• Removes fingerprints and watermarks from stainless steel materials
• Natural oil based polish
• Streak free formula
• Leaves a protective barrier against further marks
• Directions for use on bottle
• Bottle size: 250ml
Europe's best selling worktop jig to suit up to 700mm width worktops
• Best selling worktop jig in Europe From Unika
• Pin included
• Width: 700mm
• Templates in jig to facilitate 250-700mm cuts in worktop
• 90 degree sided jointing
• Corner solution
• Marking for breakfast bar leg
• Pilot hole for hinge
• 3 bolt slots
• 100 degree radius ends
• Diamond cutting technology used in the jig's manufacturing to ensure 100% precision
• Includes instructions

Unika Worktop Jig Features
Place hot pot and pans safely on the worktop
• Stainless steel style worktop rods look great in all kitchens
• 6 x 300 and 450mm lengths
• Enables you to place hot pans on the worktop without ruining it 
• Each rod is backed with self adhesive heat resistant tape
• No need to rout your worktop saving time and mess
• Easy to apply
• Looks great on matt, gloss, solid wood or granite worktops
• Tested to withstand very high temperatures, water and food splillages