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Jun 05 2013
Kitchen Fittings Direct | Installing Pyramis Sinks

Installing Pyramis Sinks

Installation videos for all of our range of kitchen sinks

For those of you brave enough to attempt installing a kitchen sink, you are risking ruining your worktop and facing your partners wrath. While it is a very safe bet to hire an expert, if budget is an issue installing a kitchen sink with the right guidance is definitely possible and in fact relatively easy. For starters one huge piece of advice is to be conservative when cutting out the insert!!!! If you cut more than the size of the sink then you may have well struck off that expensive worktop you bought. Follow that rule of thumb and the leave the rest down to the guidance Pyramis provide below.

Pyramis are not only experts in manufacturing stainless steel sinks but also installation. On their youtube channel, there is easy to understand installation videos. Below are three installation videos to help you with the types of Pyramis sinks available on our site: inset, undermount and composite:


Inset Sink



Undermount Sink



 Composite Sink

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