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Door spice rack
Door spice rack

Door spice rack

• A selection of spice racks suitable for:
   - 300mm doors
   - 400mm doors
   - 500mm doors
• They are very simple to fit and look great
• The rack screws easily to the back of the door
• Perfect for utilizing otherwise wasted space
• Handy for keeping small jars in one place

Triple tier spice rack - 300mm door2801590Out of Stock£7.95Add To Cart
Triple tier spice rack - 400mm door280159515 In Stock£8.25Add To Cart
Triple tier spice rack - 500mm door280160025 In Stock£9.95Add To Cart

Spice rack triple tier dimensions are:

300mm (2801590): 350mm (H),190mm (W) and 50mm (D)
400mm (2801595): 350mm (H),290mm (W) and 50mm (D)
500mm (2801600): 350mm (H),390mm (W) and 50mm (D)

Space between tiers on all sizes: 125mm

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