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    Spax M3.5 chipboard pozi screw

    Suitable for chipboard and most other types of wood
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      Spax M4 chipboard pozi screw

      Worlds number 1 screw in M4 size
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        Reisser screw R2 tub M4.5

        Available in 70 and 80mm
          Optimaxx pozi screws M3.5

          Innovative full length threaded screws
            Optimaxx pozi screws M4

            Cheaper 200 screws per box quantities
              Optimaxx pozi screws M4.5

              4.5M size available in 7 screw lengths
                Optimaxx pozi screws M5

                Quality pozi screws for both hard and soft surfaces
                  Optimaxx pozi screws M6

                  Double reinforced collar pozi screws
                    Optimaxx pozi screws M4 Maxxtub

                    Large drums with a free drill bit
                      Optimaxx pozi screws M5 Maxxtub

                      Large pozi screws in 5 lengths
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                        Quattro chipboard pozi screws M3.5

                        Zinc made Quattro screws
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                          Quattro chipboard pozi screws M4

                          Zinc finish Quattro screws
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                            Quattro chipboard pozi screws M5

                            Large Quattro screws in box sizes of 100-200
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                              Samet chipboard pozi screw

                              Chipboard screws in 13 sizes
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                                Kreg screw

                                Suitable for use with Kreg machine
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                                  Trend pocket hole screw

                                  Furniture assembly screw
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                                    Metric screw

                                    Zinc hardened steel finish
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                                      Driva plasterboard anchor

                                      Suitable for fixing small cabinets, mirrors and picture frames
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                                        Powers plasterboard anchor

                                        To install fixings to plasterboard
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                                          Wing nut

                                          Zinc alloy finish
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                                            Starfix direct frame fixing

                                            Universal for all common applications
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                                              Assembla screw confirmat bolt

                                              Ideal for use where high resistance to pull-out and strength is needed
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                                                Euro screw

                                                Zinc plated mini fixing