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  • Finish: Nickel
Slim design available in 160 and 256mm
• Finish: brushed nickel
• Material: zamak
• Drilling distance: 128, 160 or 256mm
• Overall length: 158mm, 190mm and 286mm
• Extension: 27mm
• Thickness: 9mm
• Feature: slimline handle

Brushed steel bar with a round diameter of 22mm
• Finish: brushed steel
• Material: solid steel
• Drilling distance: 156, 256, 356, 456 or 632mm
• Overall size:  184, 280, 380, 480 or 657mm
• Diameter: 22mm
• Extension: 40mm

Brushed steel finish block handle in two sizes
• Brushed steel kitchen bar handles from Ireland
• Drilling distance: 160 or 320mm
• Overall size: 188mm or 348mm
• Diameter: 14mm
• Extension: 35mm
• These are solid bar handles, giving them a heavier feel than cheaper, hollow, alternatives

21st century kitchen handles variation on a traditional theme
See our full range of handles and knobs
• Modern kitchen bar handle
• Perfect for modern and gloss designed kitchens
• Available in 5 sizes
• Finish: brushed steel
• Drilling distance: 160, 209, 309, 409 or 627mm
• Overall size: 188, 237, 337, 437 or 655mm
• Diameter: 14mm

Modern design bar handle in 2 finishes
• Finish: Polished chrome and brushed nickel
• Drilling distance: 160mm
• Extension: 35mm
This nickel handle can make up part of a stunning nickel fittings kit.
• Solid zinc die cast frame
• Great quality and highly durable
• Would look great in any kitchen or wardrobe
• View range of knobs linked to each finish:
   - Chrome
   - Brushed Nickel

New and highly in demand bar handle
• Extremely stylish bar handle with unique front design
100% Made in Italy
• The perfect finishing touch to any modern or gloss kitchen
• Popular replacement handles in respective sizes
• 14mm square screw frame each side, perfect for covering up screw marks from older handles
• 24mm extension making for a handle with plenty of grip
• Brand: Giulio
• Material: solid brass
• Finish: brushed and chrome
• Drilling distance: 160 and 320mm
• Extension: 24mm

Brushed nickel finish in seven sizes and satin nickel in one size
• Brushed nickel T bar handles
• Drilling distance: 128, 160, 224, 256, 320, 480 or 640mm
• Overall sizes: 200, 220, 304, 326, 380, 540 or 700mm
This nickel handle can make up part of a stunning nickel fittings kit.
• Diameter: 12mm
• Features: rounded ends
Range of brushed nickel knobs linked to this finish

A bored bar handle by Giulio Citterio
• Finish: satin nickel
• Material: steel
100% Made in Italy
• The one handle is bored for both fixing centres:
This nickel handle can make up part of a stunning nickel fittings kit.
   - 192mm
   - 224mm
• Length: 232mm
Range of satin nickel knobs linked to this finish

Handle with inset design
NOTE: Professionally fitted to door via routing
• Inset installation to allow for handleless kitchen doors
• Opening from the top of door
• Available for 12 door dimensions
• Finish: brushed steel
• Depth: 36mm
• Groove depth: 14mm
• Push to open catches can be recommended to match
• Also available in polished chrome
• Lengths for doors: 147, 247, 297, 347, 397, 447, 497, 547, 597,  797, 897 or 997

Continental styled block available in two sizes with a satin nickel finish
• Italian style satin nickel cupboard handles
• Block frame
This nickel handle can make up part of a stunning nickel fittings kit.
• Material: zamak
• Drilling distance: 160 or 224mm
Range of satin nickel knobs linked to this finish

Stainless steel handle with a satin nickel finish
• Satin nickel Giulio handle
• Material: steel
100% Made in Italy
• Drilling distance: 224mm
Range of satin nickel knobs linked to this finish

Arch shaped pull handle with 128mm hole centre
• Arch shaped pull handle for kitchen drawer
• Finish: aluminum
• Drilling distance: 128mm
• Diameter: 10mm
Long arch pull handles
• Long arch pull handles
• Material: steel with matt nickel finish
This nickel handle can make up part of a stunning nickel fittings kit.
• Drilling distance: 320mm
• Diameter: 10mm
Range of nickel knobs linked to this finish

Vertical single and double door profile lengths
• Vertical profile lengths for handless door designs
• Profiles for single and 2 door units
• Length: 2.4m
• Material: steel
Top panel of unit to match brushed profile handles
• Profile lengths that keep consistent design with brushed profile handles
• Fitted on carcass above profile handles
• Use connection fittings to complete fitting
• Material: steel
• Size: 3m

Find the best contemporary kitchen handles for your doors and cabinets. We stock a specially curated range of contemporary handles and knobs to compliment all kinds of interior design. Whether you are looking for kitchen cupboard handles, cabinet handles, door handles or wardrobe handles, your search ends here! From slim modern designs to glossy metallic finishes, our collection is bound to meet your needs. If you aren't sure which cabinet handles will suit your design, you can even order for a free sample.
Cabinet handles come in chrome, satin nickel, brushed steel and led crystal.

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