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Kitchen Accessories: adding class to your kitchen

Pull Out Base units

At, we believe that it's the little differences that add up to something special. That's why we believe that after you have fitted the essentials of a kitchen, you should look to accessorize! We take pride in our extensive range of kitchen accessories that facilitate for the most practical everyday needs in a kitchen, all at fantastic prices. Here are a few examples of our kitchen parts that offer great storage solutions for when space is at a premium:


Worktop Counter Multi Socket

Pulls upwards out of the worktop via a click mechanism with three sockets. Has a 2 meter cable so it is wonderfully practical. Convenient for kitchens with an island or if you simply need a lot of sockets in the kitchen such as for those who like to have the laptop for cooking tips!

Pull Out Bin

Pull Out Kitchen Waste Bins

Avoid the unpleasant sight and smell of waste in your kitchen with a pull out dual bin unit. Different designs to fit flush into standard 300,400 and 500ml units with a fixed lid on top that can act as a shelf. These units are easy to retract, save space and make recycling easy. Check out our collection.

Kitchen Corner Units

Pull Out Kitchen Storage Units

Possibly are proudest set of kitchen accessories, we have a fantastic collection of pull out larder units, corner units, carousels and pantries. All are designed so that you can have the maximum amount of storage in your kitchen using the least amount of space. Check out our Kitchen storage products collection.

Ironing Board

Pull Out Ironing Board

Fit for a 500mm depth cabinet, pulls out automatically and the board rises to correct position when the door is opened. Fit to any large kitchen unit but can also be installed in any standard bedroom cabinet.

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