Ceramic Sinks Vs. Composite Sinks

A guide to finding the best sink for your kitchen

In 2020, we noticed an increase in people shopping for ceramic and composite sinks. We used our expertise on the materials to put together this guide for finding the best sink for your kitchen.

Ceramic Sinks

Long before the industrial revolution brought steel into every home, ceramic sinks were common place in both the landowner’s estate and thatched cottages. Today, their vintage appeal is still incredibly popular with people willing to spend as much as €500 on ceramic sinks. They are commonly referred to as country or farmhouse sinks.


Design & Quality: The white of ceramic sinks makes a perfect contrast to most dark wooden or granite themed kitchens. Its smooth finish is not only very aesthetically pleasing but is also easy to keep clean [with as little as a damp cloth usually enough to clean almost any blemish]

Durability: The durability of ceramic sinks and their heavy frames, make them sturdy and reliable kitchen centerpieces. Heavy duty glazing and layered clay composition makes this sink chip proof as well as resistant to many household chemicals.

Installation: Depending on the ceramic sink, some of these sinks can be relatively straightforward to fit and install. For example, a Belfast sink, one of the most popular kitchen sinks on the market, has an installation that sits out nicely on the front of a kitchen worktop making it an easier job than many other sinks on this site.


Hard surface: Ceramic sinks do carry a reputation for not being dish friendly due to their hard interior. This is certainly true of deeper ceramics and we would recommend care when washing dishes not to hit the crockery off of the base/side.

Weight: On the one hand, the sturdy, bulky material of ceramic sink affords them extra strength and durability however, without the correct base unit - a heavy ceramic sink can prove an issue when fitting/moving forward if corners are cut. Simply put, a heavy sink needs a strong unit to support it; make sure an experienced fitter is used in installation and take note of a sinks weight on its item page before buying.

Cleaning: Akin to a white car, any white sink will need cleaning a lot more often than a stainless sink as blemishes are much easier to notice. Luckily, as mentioned above - cleaning and wiping is a straightforward process with the ceramics.

Ceramic -sink -drainer

Our Range of Ceramic Sinks

Belfast -sinks Sanindusa White Ceramic Double Bowl Belfast Sink
Belfast -sinks Sanindusa Round Bowl Ceramic Sink
Belfast -sinks Sanindusa Lusitano Single Bowl White Ceramic Sink
Belfast -sinks White Ceramic Belfast Sink

White _comp

Composite Sinks

If you want longevity and durability combined with a sleek modern style, look no further than a granite-made composite sink. Usually a composition of 80% granite, its quality is reflected in the price and is typically one of the most expensive material found in kitchen sinks.


Durability: The composition of 80% hard stone and 20% resin in composite sinks make them both extremely heat resistant (often as high as 500F) and non-porous.In stark contrast to a 100% stone item, the non-porous elements of a composite make it resistant to many liquids except for harsh cleaners (which we’ll get to, later).

Colour: Composite sinks are unique in that, they are predominantly made up of organic materials however, are extremely customizable in colour, enabling them to fit almost any kitchen motif; at Kitchen Fittings Direct, we offer 4 different colours of composite sinks - Cream, White, Grey and Black.

Environmentally Friendly: Unlike slabs of marble and granite, composite sinks are often manufactured without any additional quarrying necessary; in other words, composite sinks allow you to have all of the prestige without any of the footprint associated with hard rock kitchen fittings.

Matching Taps: Each sink has a paired tap which will perfectly match it in style, colour and finish.

Fully Reversible: All of our Schock composite sinks are fully reversible; each sink has two perforated under side indentations for your tap hole - your fitter can punch out the tap hole she/he needs leaving the other one intact; that's one less thing to worry about with your kitchen renovation!


Cost: Composite sinks certainly aren’t cheap - an identical style can be purchased in stainless steel for a fraction of the price. If you’re shopping ona budget, the composite sink may not be for you.

Cleaning: Almost all items have a proverbial Achilles heel, and composite sinks are no different. Harsh cleaners such as bleach and other noxious chemicals will be extremely detrimental to the colour of a sink. A full guide to cleaning a composite sink, can be found here.

Our Range of Composite Sinks

Black -composite -sink Schock Grey Composite Single Bowl Sink
Black -composite -sink Schock Black Composite 1.5 Bowl Sink
Black -composite -sink Schock Cream Composite Single Bowl Sink
Black -composite -sink Schock White Composite 1.5 Bowl Sink

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