Alpha Chem Expandable Foam Gun Grade

Alpha Chem Expandable Foam Gun Grade

• One part foam for all general purpose building and DIY uses
• 1.5 times greater performance
• For a more controlled and accurate application
• Easy to fit to gun
• Unlike aerosol version, can be used multiple times due to a shut valve
• Shut off valve keeps foam air tight
• For high thermal and acoustical insulation
• Expanding foam makes it perfect to fill hard to reach areas and gaps
• Perfectly used in door & window insulations, boarding, brickwork, cladding, ducting and piping
• Temperature performance range: 5°C-30°C
• Optimal temperature: 20°C
• Conforms to fire class B3 according to DIN 4102-1
• Size: 700ml
• Foam colour: light yellow
• Cure period: 24 hrs
• Directions for use and safety instructions on bottle

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