Kitchen wicker baskets
Kitchen wicker baskets
Kitchen wicker baskets

Kitchen wicker baskets

• Quality hand woven material
• Ideal for storing vegetables and fresh foodstuffs
• Easy to fit
• Universal dimensions: 455mm depth x 200mm height
• Each wicker basket includes matching 2 x 40mm wooden runners
• Options for industry standard carcasses and the internal carcass widths they will fit:

   - 400mm - 364mm internal width
   - 500mm - 464mm internal width
   - 600mm - 564mm internal width

Ratton kitchen wicker basket with runners - To fit 600mm unit2801054Out of Stock€39.95Add To Cart

These handwoven wicker baskets, made from beech and rattan, come with matching wooden drawer runners. They are certain to add a rustic feel to any kitchen and are ideal for country, shaker or farmhouse styled kitchens. They are perfect for storing vegetables and fresh foods as air can easily circulate through them helping to keep your fruit and vegetables for longer.

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