Expandable wooden cutlery drawer insert

Quality extendable cutlery inserts for multiple drawer sizes
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Anthracite cutlery insert for slimline drawers

Modern profile cutlery inserts for slime line drawers
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Metallic cutlery drawer insert

Metallic insert complimentary to soft close drawers
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Peg base for soft close drawer

Rustic beech plate stacks with clear lacquer finish
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Pull out ironing board

Suitable for installation in the drawer space of most standard base cabinets
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Iron and ironing board holder

A great storage option for your iron and ironing board
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Telescopic two arm towel rail

Can be mounted horizontally to the cabinet or to the underside of any work surface
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Aluminium Door

Modern glass kitchen doors in 6 sizes
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Wooden film and foil holder

Practical drawer accessory with elegant beech finish

DTC Dragon Pro internal front clips

To connect Dragon Pro front rail to drawer
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DTC Dragon Pro internal front panel

Additional front panel and rail for DTC Dragon Pro drawers
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DTC glass side panel for internal drawer

Glass side panel and adapters for pot drawer 3008010
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DTC internal drawer panel rail

Rails and panel for internal drawer kit 3008020
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Internal drawer front clip

Front clips for DTC soft close drawer
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Non slip mat for soft close drawer

Suitable for protection and reducing noise
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Spare components for DTC drawers

Spare rail and brackets to extend height of DTC pot drawer
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Plastic cutlery drawer insert

Suitable for any drawer

Samet smart box plastic spacer

Spacers are used when you need to use a 15mm board instead of the standard 18mm board

Front clips for internal drawer

Box clips for attaching drawer fronts and backs

Smart box drawer front marking guide

Suitable for standard, pot or double pot drawers

Samet smart box internal front panel for drawer

Replacement plastic drawer front

Wooden cutlery drawer insert

Beautiful solid beech construction