DTC push to open catch

For handleless doors

Magnetic catch

Available in brown or white
Prices from

Large magnetic catch

Simple catch designed for larger door
Prices from

Round magnetic screw catch with striking plate

Round frame magnetic catches online
Prices from

Magnetic catch for framed doors

Available in 3 finishes
Prices from

Child safety catch

Child safe method of opening cabinets
Prices from

Roller catch

Available in bronze or zinc
Prices from

Bales catch

Self colour brass finish
Prices from

Double ball catch

Ball bearing shut mechanism
Prices from

Table catch

Choice of bronze and nickel finish
Prices from

Touch latch

Galvanised steel finish
Prices from

Suitcase catch

Nickel finish replacement suitcase catch lock
Prices from

Soft close saddle & damper

Suitable cabinet top, bottom or side
Prices from

Samet push to open catch receiver

Push to open mechanism that can be used instead of door handle