How to create a mood setting atmosphere in your kitchen

mood lights

Out of all the rooms in the house, the kitchen always seems to be the one that gets the most of our attention. 'Open plan' seems to be the buzzword for new builds, with Islands and breakfast stands creating an environment where people can spend time together. Most of the time, it is the little touches that create the atmosphere. Little touches like lights and audio, can make the difference between a good kitchen and a excellent kitchen. Here is a shortlist of some of the products that could be used to create the perfect atmosphere.

Pendant lights

Pendant lights can be used to create a mood atmosphere. Pendant lights can be spaced out from each other and due to their design and location, can help create the finishing touch. Most Pendant lights come with a small light shade, which creates a small display of brightness, below the lights themselves.  Nice to look at during the daylight hours, and creating a display in the evening time.

pendant light

pendant light

Pendant Lighting

The Pendant lights above, even though they let out a small amount of light, can create a mood atmosphere for next to no money

Plinth Lights

Down at ground level should be considered, when creating a mood enviroment. it is the small touches that matter, and touches like the plinth lights (below) could finish the look you are trying to achieve. Being LED, they are a budget friendly product that could fit ideally in your home and can be run at a low cost.

These led strip lights (above right), are a good solution for a number of reasons. It is universal, and can be used in many locations. Pointing down at the surface below it, it can also be used above a worktop to create a  lit up area where food can be prepared. 

Cooker Lights

It doesn't have to stop with the pendant lights or the Plinth lights. Nowadays, even the cooker hoods have Led lights installed in them and can be left on to create a relaxing atmosphere... even the island cookers have the led lights installed in them to give the perfect mix between darkness and light.


It isn't just lights that can create the atmosphere. Audio can also be used in the Kitchen to create a mood setting. It can be used to help relax while cooking, and can even be used to share information and common interests like favorite music bands etc.  With the use of Bluetooth, any device can be attached to speakers with little to no delay.

Below are some of the products that can transmit audio throughout your Kitchen:

Bluetooth speakers

These things are amazing. After a few short moments 'matching' and pairing them via Bluetooth, you can play your favorite music from your hand held device. Being in the position that you can choose what music is on in the background, not what is playing on the radio, gives a sense of control. Combine this with the lighting to create the ideal environment. these speakers can be seen in many shapes and designs. below are two total different places you can see these speakers

The Remo Bluetooth System Above is one example of a Bluetooth speaker. Doesn't take much from the time of installation to the time your playing your favorite tunes. Not Just the Remo System, now speakers can be seen in pop up sockets as well ( see above ) .Reasons to choose this item over the remo is that it saves space as when not in use, it can be stored away out of sight.


It doesn't take much to achieve the ideal environment for a social and family get together. A  pendant light here, an L.E.D light there, and a bit of music to create the ambient atmosphere. It doesn't have to be a show house and a open plan kitchen to achieve the affect. Just a few extra touches is enough to create the ideal mood setting to spend time with family and friends.

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