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Timber dowel

Timber dowel

• Fluted for maximum glue adhesion
• Usage: used by furniture manufacturers, woodworkers and hobbyists where a strong glue joint is required
• Available sizes: 5mm x 25mm to 10mm x 50mm
• Prices per 1000
• Must order by box size as boxes cannot be broken up (ie. for box quantity of 22000 you must order 22)
• For uneven box numbers call us

Timber dowel - 5 x 25mm (box quantity 36000)840500723 In Stock£6.07Add To Cart
Timber dowel - 6 x 30mm (box quantity 25000)8405010Out of Stock£6.54Add To Cart
Timber dowel - 8 x 30mm (box quantity 15500)840502062 In Stock£7.61Add To Cart
Timber dowel - 8 x 35mm (box quantity 12000)8405022144 In Stock£9.00Add To Cart
Timber dowel - 8 x 40mm (box quantity 7500)8405024103 In Stock£10.38Add To Cart
Timber dowel - 8 x 50mm (box quantity 7000)8405028Out of Stock£11.53Add To Cart
Timber dowel - 10 x 35mm (box quantity 5300)840503241 In Stock£14.99Add To Cart
Timber dowel - 10 x 50mm (box quantity 5600)840503822 In Stock£16.84Add To Cart