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Pyramis round bowl sink with tap
Pyramis round bowl sink with tap

Pyramis round bowl sink with tap

• Round bowl sink with tap hole
• Dimensions:
   - Steel Gauge: 0.8mm
   - Steel Type: 18610
   - Outer: 485mm
   - Bowl: 385 x 163mm
   - Minimum base unit: 450mm
• Finish: Stainless Steel
• 25 year Pyramis manufacturer warranty
• Same product as round bowl sink but no separate installation for tap required
Optional: Flip up waste


• Next day delivery anywhere in Ireland
• Click and collect in our Dublin showroom

Pyramis round bowl stainless steel sink with tap hole - 385 x 163mm260005546 In Stock£121.48Add To Cart

Small round sinks with tap hole in place. This round bowl with tap hole sink is ideal where worktop space is limited. Environments like caravans, camper-vans and mobile homes would benefit with its compact design. An added feature of a built-in tap hole makes it ideal when adding a monoblock tap without cutting into limited worktop space. It is also popular in business environments like dentists, doctors clinics, garages and workshops.

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