Chrome baskets with soft close runners
Chrome baskets with soft close runners
Chrome baskets with soft close runners

Chrome baskets with soft close runners

• Listed below are options for industry standard carcasses and the internal carcass widths they will fit:

  - 300mm unit: 264-270mm internal width
  - 400mm unit: 364-370mm internal width
  - 450mm unit: 414-420mm internal width
  - 500mm unit: 464-470mm internal width
  - 600mm unit: 564-570mm internal width
  - 800mm unit: 764-770mm internal width
  - 900mm unit: 864-870mm internal width
  - 1000mm unit: 964-970mm internal width

• Individual pull out kitchen wire baskets on soft closing slides
• Universal dimensions: 450mm depth x 128mm height
• Suitable for a variety of different sized units
• Fit carcasses with 15-20mm thick gables
• Default fits to 18mm gable
• Adjust screw on runner to fit flush
• Are also suitable for built in wardrobes
• Blog available: How to Choose your next Basket / Internal Drawer Kit
• Easy to fit
• Load capacity: 30kg
• 15 year guarantee
• Optional frontal grey clips for choice of larder unit type installation
Non grip matts are the perfect accessory
• If the door doesn't sit flush with carcass, you will need a
DTC 180 soft close degree hinge and plate
• If out of stock, also available in non-soft close
• Designed to fit industry standard carcass units e.g. 500mm basket is to fit 500mm unit, not the width of the basket

These baskets are so simple to install. Just line up the runners on each side of the carcass, making sure they're the same height and level, mark them, then screw them in. After this all you need to do is clip the baskets into place and your soft close baskets are ready to go!  See our step by step installation guide.