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    Pirlo Reversible Single Bowl Sink

    Great economical sink, comes with waste kit and fittings included. Minimum base unit: 450mm. Boasting 18610 stainless steel durability. 860 x 500mm outer.
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      Pyramis Sparta compact single bowl sink

      Compact stainless steel kitchen sink equipped with draining board, fit for a minimum base unit of 450mm. Ideal for apartments, mobile homes, or kitchens with little worktop space.
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        Pyramis single bowl sink .8mm

        Contract specified sinks but with high quality .8mm grade
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          Pyramis Vera single bowl sink

          Pyramis stainless steel single bowl drainer sink for 400mm base unit. High Quality reversible drainer sink.
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            Pyramis Vera 1½ bowl sink

            Easy to install stainless steel one and a half bowl Pyramis sink. Quality built with a 25 year warranty as standard. Reversible drainer.
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              Pyramis Athena single bowl sink

              High quality Pyramis single bowl drainer sink with 25 year warranty. Reversible drainer with a stainless steel finish. Perfect for young families.
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                Pyramis Athena 1½ bowl sink

                Monobloc Sink
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                  Pyramis Athena Extra Deep Single Bowl Sink

                  Deepest single bowl single drainer stainless steel sink on the market
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                    Pyramis Alea single bowl sink

                    Stunning modern style stainless steel kitchen sink. Reversible drainer for a 450mm unit. 25 year warranty included as standard.
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                      Pyramis Alea 1.5 bowl sink

                      1.5 bowl kitchen sink for a 600mm minimum base unit. High quality, modern stainless steel panel design. 25 year manufacturer's warranty and reversible drainer.
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                        Pyramis Galaxy 1½ bowl sink

                        Galaxy 1 and a half bowl with drainer
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                          Pyramis Athena double bowl single drainer sink

                          Quality Athena range double bowl sinks with side drainer
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                            Pyramis single bowl double drainer sink

                            Dual sided draining boards
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                              Pyramis double bowl double drainer sink

                              Large double wash station, sink suitable for catering facilities or large kitchens
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                                Häfele Langdale 1.5 bowl sink

                                Wavy designed drainer, modern 1.5 bowl kitchen sink
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                                  Hafele two tap hole single bowl sink

                                  Wavy designed drainer, modern 1.5 bowl kitchen sink
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                                    Rangemaster shallow accessible sink

                                    Shallow bowl sink for optimum space underneath
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                                      Franke Reno Single Bowl Sink

                                      Clean modern Franke sink
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                                        Franke Reno Bowl & 1/2 Sink

                                        Sleek modern Franke bowl and a half kitchen sink
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                                          Franke Smart 1.5 Bowl Sink

                                          Slim Profile Inset Franke Bowl and a Half Smart Sink
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                                            Franke Smart Single Bowl Sink

                                            Slim Profile Inset Franke Smart Sink
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                                              Pyramis Royal mini round sink

                                              Mini sink designed to fit small spaces
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                                                Pyramis round bowl sink

                                                Round bowl kitchen sinks to fit flush on kitchen worktop
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                                                  Pyramis round bowl sink with tap hole

                                                  Small round sinks with tap hole in place
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                                                    Clearwater Salsa undermount 1.5 bowl sink

                                                    Equal depthed 1.5 bowl undermount sink
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                                                      Pyramis Dione 1.5 bowl undermount sink

                                                      1 and a half bowl undermount with reversible fitting
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                                                        Pyramis Iris small undermount sink

                                                        Stainless steel finish
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                                                          Pyramis Iris medium undermount sink

                                                          Regular sized undermount sinks to fit below kitchen worktops
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                                                            Pyramis Iris large undermount sink

                                                            Large Iris to fit a base unit of 600mm
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                                                              Pyramis Lydia small undermount sink

                                                              Small rectangular undermount. Also a drainer to the rest of the Lume undermount kitchen sinks range
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                                                                Pyramis Lydia medium undermount sink

                                                                Rectangular sink for underneath kitchen counter
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                                                                  Pyramis Lydia large undermount sink

                                                                  Stainless steel finish undermount sink for granite worktops
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                                                                    Pyramis Relia 1.5 bowl undermount sink

                                                                    1.5 bowl undermount sink with equal depth bowls
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                                                                      Pyramis Relia double bowl undermount sink

                                                                      Most popular designed sink of 2020
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                                                                        Pyramis Zeria 500mm unit flushmount sink with tap hole

                                                                        Quality flushmount sink for compact 500mm units
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                                                                          Pyramis Zeria 600mm unit flushmount sink with tap hole

                                                                          High quality flushmount fitting sink with tap hole for 600mm units and very popular with kitchen islands
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                                                                            Franke 1.5 Bowl Undermount Sink

                                                                            High quality Franke undermount 1.5 bowl sink
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                                                                              Franke Medium Undermount Sink

                                                                              Small Franke stainless steel undermount sink
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                                                                                Franke Large Undermount Sink

                                                                                Franke Stainless Steel undermount sink for 600mm base unit