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    Trend auger bit

    Single fluted auger bit from trend tools
      Trend flat bit

      Spade cutting bit
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        Trend dovetail cutter

        Dovetail cutters for Trend craft dovetail jigs
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          Trend two flute cutter

          Twin sided flute cutter
            Trend pocket hole plug cutter

            For use in a pillar drill on making plug holes 
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              Trend round over ovolo

              Self-guiding cutters for rounding over edges
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                Trend self guided chamfer cutter

                Router cutting bit with self-guiding chamfer
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                  Trend self guided trimmer

                  Cutting bit used for trimming plastic or plywood overlays
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                    Trend template profile

                    Cutting bits used mainly for rebating and trimming edges
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                      Trend worktop jig cutter pack

                      Work jig for router
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                        Trend intumescent cutter set

                        Cutting tool used to neatly cut grooves on doors or frames
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                          Trend pocket hole jig

                          Joint jig for use on joining timber and plywood together
                            Trend pocket hole drill bit

                            Pocket hole jig stepped drill bit
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                              Trend anglefix mitre guide

                              Basic mitre gauge for marking out angles
                                Trend biscuit jointer set

                                Self-guiding tungsten carbide tipped, ideal for biscuit jointing
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                                  Trend digital angle ruler

                                  Digital angle ruler
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                                    Trend guide bush

                                    Guide for use on router
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                                      Trend Loc block workpiece support

                                      Interlocking gripping blocks 
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                                        Trend router depth gauge

                                        A metal rule depth gauge to set height of router cutters and saw blade
                                          Trend Craft saw blade

                                          Carbide tipped circular saw blades 
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                                            Trend Pro Grabit screw remover

                                            Double-ended bit to use on removing damaged screws, machine screws and broken bolts from wood, metal and plastic
                                              Trend snappy 90 degree screwdriver attachment

                                              Screwdriver attachment to allow access to tight corners.
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                                                Trend Snappy offline driver

                                                Drill attachment used to drill and secure screws in tight spaces
                                                  Trend snappy square driver bit

                                                  Square drive bit. Ideal to use with Trend drill attachment
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                                                    Trend airace half mask

                                                    Trend dust mask with replaceable filters
                                                      Trend fast track sharpener kit

                                                      Portable hand operated sharpening tool
                                                        Trend 532ml tool & bit cleaner

                                                        Spray on tool cleaner
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                                                          Trend worktop jig

                                                          Worktop jig for router