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    Bologna handle

    Copper hue finish on arch design
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      Savona copper handle

      Highly stylish copper finished D handle
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        Rimini handle

        Polished copper with a slight hue and in tapered style
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          Giulio Knurled handle 8/1168

          Modern style gripped handles in gold and black
              Prices from
            Giulio Knurled T knob 8/1170

            Decorative knurled T knob to match handle
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              Chunky D handle

              Available in satin nickel, bronze or matt black
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                Giulio Grain handle 8/1147

                Beautiful Italian chic design
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                  Giulio Trellis handle 8/1029

                  Unique fence style that is currently trending
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                    Glitter handle

                    Highly decorative glitter design with a choice of 160 or 192mm hole centres
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                      Curved bow handle

                      Great quality and value bow handle for kitchens and bedrooms
                        Udine knob

                        Stylish cabinet kitchen knobs
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                          Giulio 8/1068 handle

                          Giulio Chrome finish drawer handles
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                            Guilio Handle 8/1068

                            To match larger handle
                                Prices from
                              Giulio Bridge handle 8/1115

                              Highly stylish handle with multiple hole centre choices
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                                Crystal knob with chrome base

                                Lead crystal knobs with a chrome base in 30, 35 or 40mm
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                                  Square crystal knob

                                  Stunning crystal effect in nickel base knob
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                                    Giulio Crystal Handle 8/1110

                                    Delightful finish for modern door and drawer fronts
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                                      Giulio modern style crystal handle 8/1125

                                      Chic modern designed crystals embedded within chrome handle
                                          Prices from
                                        Crystal handle

                                        Beautifully installed lead crystal in 160 or 320mm
                                        Decorative drawer handles that will add splendour to any kitchen or wardrobe
                                            Prices from
                                          Giulio 8/1066 handle

                                          Classic style design
                                              Prices from
                                            Giulio American copper handle and knob

                                            Heavy duty knob to match handle
                                                Prices from
                                              Giulio 8/1010 handle

                                              Shining Guilio bow handle in a satin nickel finish
                                                  Prices from
                                                Giulio 8/1075 handle

                                                Wedged in hole centres available in two sizes
                                                    Prices from
                                                  Giulio 8/1027 handle

                                                  Fine Citterio Guilio craftmanship
                                                      Prices from
                                                    Giulio Winged handle 8/1081

                                                    Innovative handle with multiple hole centres
                                                        Prices from
                                                      Rear fixing base unit handle

                                                      Front lip grip handles to fit at base of door
                                                          Prices from
                                                        Rear fixing cupboard unit handle

                                                        Front lip grip handles that fit at top of door
                                                            Prices from
                                                          Matching handle for integrated appliances

                                                          Handle for integrated appliance door front to match rear fixing handles
                                                              Prices from
                                                            Giulio square knob

                                                            Chrome finished square knob with moulded design in two sizes
                                                                Prices from
                                                              Paddle handle

                                                              Paddle slim style handle 
                                                                  Prices from
                                                                Scoop handle

                                                                Modern chrome design
                                                                    Prices from
                                                                  Tapered chunky D handle

                                                                  Available in satin nickel
                                                                      Prices from
                                                                    No. 786 knob

                                                                    Cone shaped knob
                                                                        Prices from
                                                                      Ancona handle

                                                                      Satin nickel finish
                                                                          Prices from
                                                                        Kitchen knobs No. 756

                                                                        Two styles of kitchen door knobs available in satin nickel or black
                                                                          Giulio 10/817 Square knob

                                                                          Stainless steel 40mm square knob in a satin nickel finish
                                                                            Tapered bow handle

                                                                            Tapered version of Chunky D
                                                                              Giulio 8/972 handle

                                                                              Back rubber grip on back of satin nickel handle for smoother opening
                                                                                Roma handle

                                                                                Available in 128mm
                                                                                  Flat bar handle

                                                                                  Elegant kitchen and wardrobe handle
                                                                                    Giulio Dubai handle

                                                                                    Tiled style chrome handle
                                                                                      Giulio Dubai knob

                                                                                      Tiled square knob to match handle
                                                                                        Giulio 8/1085 handle

                                                                                        Sharpened design in satin nickel
                                                                                          Giulio S shape 8/1119

                                                                                          S shaped kitchen door handle available in satin nickel and two sizes
                                                                                            Bridge handle

                                                                                            Two different types and sizes
                                                                                              Finesse strap handle

                                                                                              Strap stainless steel handle
                                                                                                Satin nickel inset handle

                                                                                                Routed into kitchen drawer, inset handle with backplate
                                                                                                  Circular flush inset handle

                                                                                                  Stylish round inset handles in brushed steel
                                                                                                    Oval flush pull inset handle

                                                                                                    Designed to sit flush in front of drawer front
                                                                                                      Oval knob

                                                                                                      Economical small kitchen knob
                                                                                                        Waisted bow handle

                                                                                                        Complete arch design
                                                                                                          Tempo polished brass bow handle

                                                                                                          Bow handles available in polished brass
                                                                                                            Indent satin nickel knob

                                                                                                            Indent or speckled kitchen knob
                                                                                                              Indent brushed nickel handle

                                                                                                              Indent kitchen handle to match knob