Star galaxy granite handle collection

Star Galaxy styled granite inserts with a chrome body
Prices from

Baltic granite handle collection

Baltic cupboard handles in a dark foundation with a golden flake coating
Prices from

Imperial granite handle collection

Lightly speckled Imperial granite kitchen cupboard handles
Prices from

Black granite handle collection

Beautifully crafted black granite handles with chrome base
Inserts compliment dark coloured worktops and painted or wooden kitchens
Prices from

Winchester white ceramic handle collection

White bone crackle collection of kitchen door handles with a pewter body
Prices from

Winchester cream ceramic handle with bronze collection

Cream ceramic kitchen press handles with a brass body
Ideal for hand painted doors
Prices from

Winchester cream ceramic handles with pewter collection

Traditional ceramic kitchen press handles with pewter ends
Prices from

Pewter white ceramic handle collection

White ceramic drawer handles in D and T variants
Prices from

Nickel white ceramic T handle

Nickel ends with white insert
Prices from

Traditional old style cup handle

Classic rustic themed cup handles
Prices from

Traditional old style oval knob

Traditional heavy weight oval kitchen knobs
Prices from

Beehive knob

Alternative beehive knob option in chrome and nickel
Prices from

Queen Anne beehive knob

Sturdy and decorative drawer knob available in 3 finishes and two sizes
Prices from

Queen Anne T handle

Queen Anne T handles in polished chrome and black nickel
Prices from

Queen Anne D handle

Queen Anne D handle to match knobs in two stunning finishes
Prices from

Giulio old style handle

Handle to match square knob in bronze or pewter
Prices from

Giulio old style knob

Squared traditional kitchens knobs with internal frame
Prices from

Vintage handle

Vintage drawer pulls to match T knobs
Prices from

Vintage T knob

Classical T knobs in chrome, pewter and copper
Prices from

Giulio 10/683 knob

Stylish traditional design
Prices from

Thumb latch

Thumb latch handles available in a choice of pewter or bronze
Prices from

Thumb latch drawer pull

Drawer handles available in a choice of bronze or black
Prices from

Como handle

Italian style traditional bar handle
Prices from

Polished chrome cup handle

Polished chrome cup handle
Prices from

Traditional shaker cup handle

Shaker style cup handle
Prices from

Victorian polished chrome knob

Polished chrome kitchen door knobs
Prices from

Victorian polished brass knob

Polished brass kitchen door knobs
Prices from

Victorian satin chrome knob

Satin chrome variety of Victorian knob
Prices from

Polished chrome knob

Elegant traditional polished chrome cabinet knob in 32mm
Prices from

Brushed nickel cup handle

Flat plated cup kitchen pull handle
Prices from

Traditional cup handle with plate

Plated traditional cup design
Prices from

Knob and plate

Traditional knob and plate combination
Prices from

Pico handle

Hexagonal engraving kitchen door handles
Prices from

Provence D handle

D handle with pewter finish
Prices from

Provence T handle

Small kitchen cabinet handles in pewter
Prices from

Tuscany handle

Tuscan theme in 160mm finish
Prices from

Tampa handle

Pewter finish
Suitable for hand painted kitchens
Prices from

Tampa knob

Traditional pewter knob
Prices from

Reeded knob

Reeded knob available in three finishes
Prices from

Reeded D handle

Reeded style handle to match knob
Prices from

Battered iron knob

Battered cupboard knobs in two finishes
Prices from

Battered D handle

Battered style pull with screw design
Prices from

Geneva cone handle

Spiral style drawer pull in pewter
Prices from

Giulio 9/1277 handle

Small 64mm D handle in black
Prices from

Shaker D handle

Ideal for shaker themed kitchens
Prices from

Round inset handle

Perfect inset handle for sliderobes
Prices from

Giulio 8/951 handle

Vintage drawer handles by Giulio Citerio
Prices from

Giulio 8/953 handle

Giulio cup handles in satin nickel or bronze
Prices from

Giulio 10/721 25mm knob

Black and bronze styles of ringed drawer knobs
Prices from

Giulio 10/721 40mm knob

Cupboard knobs available in five finishes
Prices from

Giulio 25/31 backplate

Back plates to match knobs available in four finishes
Prices from

Giulio latch handle

Giulio latch handle with screw on backplate
Prices from

Giulio drawer pull

Giulio antique drawer handles in pewter, bronze or black
Prices from

Giulio 9/1320 handle

Matt black finish
Prices from

Stainless steel D handle

Stainless steel thin design 
Prices from

320mm twisted traditional bar handle

Large traditional kitchen door handles with 50mm extension
Prices from

Antique pewter grey crackle collection

Long drop handle with matching door handle and knob

S shaped T bar handle

Unique shaped T handle
Prices from

Twisted traditional T bar handle

To match twisted bar handle
Prices from

Chrome black ceramic T handle

Black collection of ceramic drawer knobs and pulls with a chrome body
Prices from

Burgundy antique pewter collection

Pewter drop and T handle match
Prices from

Decorative iron knob

Popular with antique themed kitchens
Prices from

Halkyn shell handle

Heavy weighted cup handles in dark bronze finish
Prices from

Iron floral knob

Sturdy iron knob with floral design
Prices from

Plain twisted D handle

Straight twist design with 100mm hole centres
Prices from

Bone crackle collection

Light cream crackle effect knob and drop handle combination

Valencia bone crackle knob with backplate

Bone crackle Andalusian ceramic knobs in a choice of cream and white

Valencia brassed iron handle collection

Brassed iron handle collection

Twisted D handles

Twisted design with firm extension

Antique crackle handle and knob

Traditional drop handle and knob in white crackled ceramic

Small polished chrome knob

Small furniture knobs in chrome finish

Tempo octagonal knob

Available in brushed nickel

Geneva latch handle

Spiral style Geneva door pull in pewter

Giulio 10/797 knob

Weathered black design popular with traditional kitchens

Black twist antique handle collection

Collection of black classic twist style drawer handles

Brass twist antique handle collection

Classic brass twist antique collection of kitchen door handles

Bronze cream ceramic handle collection

Collection of cabinet handles with a cream insert and a bronze body

Pewter twist antique handle collection

Pewter twist drawer handles

Giulio 10/711 knob & plate

Brass antique knob with backplate

Plain iron knob

Far reaching iron cupboard knob

Cast iron handles

Cast iron handles with smooth surface

Square twisted D handle

Square twist design in pewter

Giulio 10/743 knob

Bronze hue texture on a large 40mm drawer knob with an backplate optional

Antique bone crackle drop handle

Fainter shade of yellow on traditional Winchester

Giulio 10/707 knob

3 rings with bronze hue in center

Inset handle

Satin chrome finish

Valletta handle

Brushed nickel Maltese themed d handle available in two sizes

Octagonal brass knob

Knob in tarnished or polished finish

Traditional style bar handle

Bronze traditional themed alternative to standard bar handle