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We are constantly offering deals on kitchen fittings, handles, sinks and taps that you simply cannot afford to miss out on. See below to view our latest offers:


Order £150 or more of fittings and get for free

Short measuring tape united kingdom

A free 5 metre measuring tape


Hand blender kitchen united kingdom

A free kitchen hand blender

Voucher Codes

Amount Discount Code
Orders over £200 2.5% FIT200
Orders over £300 5% FIT300
Orders over £400 7.5% FIT400
Orders over £500 10% FIT500


1. Only one offer is available to each customer. If your purchase activates more than one offer you must specify which you prefer. If no offer is specified, none will be given.

2. Offers are for a limited period only and when removed from this page, are no longer available.

3. We do not cover the warranty of any technical product given in these offers that we do not sell as part of our product range.

4. Not available to offline orders.

5. For a choice of offers, you must specify which option you prefer in either the shipping instructions of checkout or by email.