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How to choose your next basket / internal drawer kit

Dec 12 2016

When it comes to creating the perfect Kitchen, you need to be able to first Identify what carcass you have, and from there what space you have to use. It isnt a simple case of saying it is a 500mm door so must be

Kitchen Storage Ideas - Solutions for standard cabinet units

Sep 08 2016

When you add up all the food, crockery and all those fancy gadgets, there is a lot to fit into your kitchen. Whether you have a large kitchen that you want well laid out, or a small kitchen that you want to squeeze every last ounce of space available, selection of storage fittings is very important. All our fittings are designed to fit inside standard British kitchen cabinet units such as those made by Wickes and Howdens. We are going to write a serious of posts to help you decide which kitchen storage solutions best keep your kitchen organised, clean, easily accessible and aesthetic. Each week we will cover all the aspects of kitchen storage and units that can be utilized.

In our first edition, we will focus on storage solutions for standard kitchen units (carcasses for us in the trade). While many of you may choose to simply keep the shelves that come with the unit, here are our storage solutions that can be retrofitted. We will explain that for the purposes of load capacity, accessibility and practicality, why ad hoc storage solutions are preferable to maintaining shelves.