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Electroplated vs PVD Coated Taps

Gone are the days of having just plain and basic kitchen taps options. The kitchen industry has evolved to offer a plethora of kitchen taps available in a variety of professional quality finishes and Clearwater, have rightly proved to be a leading brand in this field.

There are many ways used by the industry for coating the kitchen taps such as the traditionally ongoing Electroplating process and PVD, which is gaining huge popularity. Selecting the best type can be a little daunting and that’s why you should keep scrolling to pick the best tap for your kitchen.

What is Electroplating?

Invented in 1805, Electroplating is a process of plating a film of metal onto a tap by harnessing electrical energy. The tap that is electroplated becomes corrosion resistant, making it more durable than a tap which is untreated.

The tap which is to be electroplated, is placed in a tank which contains the solution of the material to be deposited on the part. Then, the anode (positive electrode) of the supply is connected to the material that has to be deposited and the cathode (negative electrode) is fixed to the tap that needs to be electroplated. When the power is supplied, the negative ions of the tap attract the positively charged ions of the material that needs to be deposited from the tank solution.

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Electroplating lends adhesion strength and electrical conductivity (depending on the metal used) to the surface. Sure, it can offer thicker coatings to the tap as compared to PVD, but it doesn’t make it stronger than a PVD tap. Being a low energy electrochemical process and relatively cheaper to setup is what makes it the most common finishing practice in the industry.

So what’s the problem in using Electroplating is you would ask? The main drawback of electroplating is that it causes a lot of pollution. The process can lead to hazardous waste products which, if not disposed properly and with care, can have a serious impact on the environment. Electroplated taps also demand one to be careful while cleaning the surface, refraining from using harsh chemical cleaners.

Being in world where being environmentally conscious is the need of the hour, it is important to look at other processes such as PVD.

What is PVD?



PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) is a more recent and innovative approach to give a decorative finish to the kitchen taps as well as making them more durable.

PVD coating is a vacuum deposition process which has garnered a lot of popularity in recent times. The tap which needs to be PVD coated is placed in a fixture in a vacuum vessel where a solid material is vaporised and deposited on the taps in the form of a single atom or molecule. PVD coating helps to achieve more uniform deposit while also having a wider range of choices of materials to be deposited.

PVD is slowly becoming the favourite process in the industry to provide wear resistance and becoming the favourable choice in the kitchen industry.

We supply Clearwater kitchen taps which are PVD coated available in brass, copper, black and brushed chrome finishes.

What are the benefits of choosing PVD taps?

  • Environment friendly as no harmful chemicals are generated in the process which also leads to minimal chemical disposal costs
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Six times better film adhesion than electroplating and three times more resistant to corrosion
  • Easier to clean and maintain
  • Luxurious finish that will suit all kinds of kitchen designs
  • Resistant to wear

Dive in to the world of Clearwater PVD Kitchen Taps

New age tapware brings forth a unique sense of luxury with the power to transform any type of kitchen space. The trendy Clearwater PVD coated taps are an ideal pair to your kitchen sinks.

Clearwater range of kitchen taps are PVD coated for high durability and an attractive finish. The taps are long-lasting and low maintenance. Unparalleled in quality, the Clearwater taps are available in various distinct finishes: brushed copper, brushed bronze, matte black, brushed nickel, brushed chrome and so on.


So, now you know the difference between an electroplated kitchen tap and a PVD coated kitchen tap. If you are planning to renovate or style your kitchen, be sure to check out the Clearwater range of Kitchen Sink Taps and embrace luxury in your homes.