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We put so much thought into the aesthetics of our kitchen but the ergonomics and what goes on beneath are just as important. Everybody wants a kitchen that both suits their style and looks beautiful, yet, at the same time, is functional and makes the most of the space available. With the modern kitchen you have so many options to choose from when fitting out and accessorising your kitchen to make life, in what has become the most used room of the house, that little bit easier. Below we have gone through the wirework basket storage options in our range that will make the most of the space available with smart kitchen cupboard storage systems to help cut down on food wastage and allow easier access to your cookware.

Wicker baskets

Our most popular seller, these wicker baskets, which come with matching wooden drawer runners, are ideal for country style kitchens and perfect for storing vegetables and fresh foods as air can easily circulate through them. In fact all wirework and basket products are excellent for the storage of fresh food items for this very reason - the circulation of air helps keep fruit and vegetables for longer. These handwoven baskets will add a rustic feel to any traditional or shaker style kitchen and come in three different sizes.

Wire Baskets

Our pull out wire baskets have a beautiful hard wearing chrome finish and are available in two alternatives: one with non soft close runners and the other with soft close, anti slam, runners. The runners on the soft close option also benefit from a smooth ball bearing roller action and both units come in a variety of sizes to suit nearly all standard units. As a smart alternative you can choose to install these baskets instead of the larder unit below by putting them all the way up the unit behind a door in which case you will have a larder unit where the baskets can be pulled out individually.

Pull Out Base units

These pull out base units are a popular choice for either side of the cooker (particularly the mini base unit) as they provide convenient storage when placed around cooking areas. Installing a base unit means that your most regularly used food items can be stored in them and easily accessed. If you’re looking to store only spices, jars and other small goods the mini base unit is ideal while the larger base units can be used to store bulkier items.

Larder Units

All our larder and pantry models feature soft close telescopic runners with fully adjustable supports that allow you to fit them to units which differ in height. The larder units are designed so that when the cabinet door pulls out, baskets pull out from the cabinet meaning that you can see exactly what you have in the press. On our larder units the baskets are attached to a chrome pull out column with full extension slides and can be moved up or down the frame and locked into place to suit your preferences. The swivel larder unit is a slight variant on the pull out larder allowing you to pull out the unit and turn the baskets 95 degrees to view their contents more clearly. All these items are designed to make accessing your food convenient and ensure that you are less likely to come across food that is a year out of date!

The complete range of Soft close pull out larder unitKessebohmer Click Fixx larder unit and Swivel kitchen larder unit includes solutions for 300mm, 400mm, 500mm and 600mm wide units.

Pantry Units

With our pantry units the cabinet door is hinged on one side of the cabinet and opens as normal. The pantry units have a set of baskets on the back of the door and are designed so that when the cabinet door is opened, baskets pull out from the unit meaning that you can easily see all that you have in your press.

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