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Choosing Fittings Kits For Your Kitchen

Finding the right balance of form and function is the cornerstone of any great kitchen. Irrespective of motiv and design, a kitchen at its core needs to be functional in nature whilst facilitating its inhabitants with resistance-free cooking and cleaning.

Symmetry is one of the fundamentals of kitchen design; the aim is often to provide a constant flow throughout a kitchen, ensuring no one item looks out of place. A cleverly contrasted sink and tap partnership, often acts as a centrepiece in any kitchen. Similarly, although hinges and handles aren’t usually what people think of when they envisage cutting edge kitchen design, it’s more often than not what separates a perfect kitchen from a “nearly, but not quite there…”.

We have designed a quick guide to assist you in ‘kitting out your kitchen’. Whether it be the eclectic you’re after, or simply the harmonisation of colours and styles - there is sure to be something below, which will aid you in your kitchen curation.

With all this in mind, let’s dive in:

First up on our list of kits is rose gold (or for the uninitiated, copper). This colour of fittings is interesting in that, it has gone through somewhat of a transformation in recent years. Once a popular style with traditional style kitchens (akin to brass), it is now a mainstay of contemporary kitchens, worldwide.

You will likely find rose gold/copper hues in everything nowadays, from modern jewelery, modern kitchen design and even iPhones. This colour profile transcends styles and for this reason [among others], it looks great with the traditional style Belfast sinks and other ceramics, as well as newer style composite sinks alike.

The colour goes great with shaker doors of all shapes and sizes; with hinges, knobs, handles and taps all to choose from, a kitchen motif revamp can be easily achieved.

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Brass, a first choice for traditional kitchen styling - this colour is potentially the easiest colour on the list to match to an existing kitchen. If you are reading this whilst sat in your current kitchen, take a 360 degree view of the room; chances are, there will be some form of brass fixture already present in the room. From radiator plumbing fittings and door stoppers to older style door handles, many kitchens across Ireland and the UK already have brass fittings installed - all you need to do is add a few more and bring the whole look together.

This colour goes great with almost all kitchen sinks, regardless of material although it predominantly is used with ceramic sinks to manifest a traditional style kitchen design

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Last but certainly not least, we have nickel - found here in brushed and satin styles. This colour goes great with stainless steel sinks.

The subtle differences in colour textures between steel and nickel allow the two colours to harmonise brilliantly when paired alongside each other. These colour patterns are relatively universal across kitchen styles however, they are most commonly found in minimalist style kitchens. The uncomplicated nature of the two metallic colours may appear at first to be unimaginative however, the presence of well paired metalic tones in a kitchen when done right, has a purity to it and is the personification of "doing more, with less "

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If you have any questions regarding these kitchen colour kits, or you would like to receive a quote, please don't hesitate to get in contact with our Team.

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