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Choosing kitchen door handles

Kitchen handles to match your style of kitchen

For some, installing handles in your new kitchen is merely snag work after the main part of the project. While for others, the selection of kitchen handles and knobs is what makes or brakes the aesthetics of a kitchen. While adding handles is definitely one of the cheaper and easier stages of a project, you could make a great mistake in thinking it is just snag work. A new kitchen can be expensive and if you buy a certain style of doors or worktop, the last thing you want is to find that your handles do not match. If you take the time at the start of your project to look at kitchen door handles, you will find that many greatly compliment a kitchen and further make if clear what the theme of your new kitchen is. We will now go through the most popular theme of kitchens and examples of handles from our range that typically suit for both light and dark colour variations.

Shaker Kitchens

Shaker -Kitchen -handles -1
Shaker -Kitchen -Handles -2

Shaker is the name given to what is probably the style of door most us have in our head when we think of kitchen doors: a flat square panel within a matching frame. It is the most common style of kitchen door that very often can match the main kitchen interior door. This is usually a traditional wooden look or solid paint finish. For the plain wooden finish, handles which contrast to the wood such as simple block handles and t handles are popular as they bring the focus on the doors. For solid shaker finishes such as cream, it is common to find a separate colour that blends very well such as reeded and battered style handles.

Traditional Kitchens

Traditonal -kitchen -1
Traditional -kitchen -2

As you can imagine traditional kitchens are very much a wooden theme. They are sometimes referred to as country or farmhouse style kitchens. Ceramics such as pottery and belfast sinks are common place in a traditional kitchen. To maintain the classic convention, kitchen press handles have bronze and silver textures to compliment solid wooden materials such as oak, pine and beech. Cup handles for drawers greatly enhances the traditional look while it is also common for knobs to be available that match the wooden doors.

Kitchen -Cup -Handles
Chome -kitchen -knob
Walnut -Knob
Oak -Kitchen -Handles

Modern Kitchens

Modern -kitchen -1
Modern -kitchen -2

Modern kitchen designs typically go for the minimalist style of square painted doors with clean elegant fittings. To suit the minimalist look, we have a great range of modern inset handles that fit on top of the door that are simply pulled open from the top. With other modern designs, it is the fittings that get most of the attention rather than the body of the kitchen. Queen Anne knobs are examples of the type that become the character piece of a kitchen door while people deciding to install crystal kitchen knobs and handles is a fast growing trend.

Bridge -handle
Profile -Handle
Queen -Anne -Knob
Glass -Drawer -Knob

Granite Kitchens

Granite -Kitchen -1
Granite -Kitchen -2

For those who will give a lot of consideration into the quality of their kitchen worktop, it could be highly recommended to install handles and knobs that match your worktop, greatly enhanicng the granite theme. Drawer pulls with a granite insert can continue the texture of your worktop right down to the bottom drawer. We have four collections of granite that suit the most standard granite finishes.

Granite _Handles
Kitchen _Granite _Handles

Functional Kitchens

Functional -Kitchen -1
Functional -Kitchen -2

For large stainless steel kitchens it is common to have kitchen handles that open large storage compartments. Bar, block and t handles with lengths such as 520mm function for these types of kitchens.

Bar -Handle
Long -Kitchen -Handles

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