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May 01 2013
KitchenFittingsDirect | Stainless Steel Sinks - Durable and cost effective

Stainless Steel Sinks – Durable and cost effective

While traditional materials such as ceramic and fireclay are still popular and elegant, there is a reason why stainless steel sinks are found in almost every home in Ireland and the rest of the world. They are cheap, reliable and easy to clean. Also as years have passed they have evolved to become very stylish. They are now available in both flushmount to fit on top of a worktop and undermount to fit below. Our proud supplier Pyramis have been producing kitchen sinks that excel in all three factors for over 70 years:

Affordability – Being made from a simple sheet of stainless steel drawn over a die, they can be produced more cheaply than traditional materials and more efficiently. This all means that if it is cheaper to produce than it is cheaper for you to buy.

Durability – The thin sheet of metal is resistant to both severe hot and cold temperatures, an obvious practical necessity for the kitchen. Stainless steel sinks may make a bit of a clatter for those of you unfortunate enough to be subjected to manual dishwashing, but there is a reason they can last up to 20 years.

Cleanliness – The moniker says it all, these kitchen sinks simply do not stain unlike ceramic sinks which require cleaning periodically. For an extra shine to make your old sink good as new, we provide a spray.


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