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Aug 23 2013
Kitchen Fitting Direct | Kitchen Door Handle Dimensions

Kitchen Door Handle Dimensions

When ordering handles and knobs online, sometimes it is difficult to get an idea of how big a piece will look on your kitchen door. We typically measure by hole centers i.e. from each screw. What many people might ask, is if a combination of different sizes look good or too much of a contrast? An example would be a combination of long handles such as a bar or drop styles for large cabinets while simply using t handles or knobs on smaller drawers. The best way to solve this when shopping online for fittings, is to have a clear idea in your head of the different sizes. To help you out in terms of our site, here are all the main dimensions of handles and knobs from largest to smallest on kitchenfittingsdirect.com:

Varying sizes of kitchen handles


Handles -knobs -sizes


Cabinet -kitchen -handles

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